Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 3 of filming: John is back on set


John is back on set and posted a pretty adorable picture of himself with Nat, Ansel and Shailene!

He also posted a picture of Nat and Emily (who plays Monica): More about this at our Monica-Casting post

On Ansel's livestream, Ansel said they filmed the scene outside of "The Literal Heart of Jesus" where Gus asks Hazel to go see a movie with him.

A picture of all the Support Group members (many of whom are living with cancer) with Ansel and John

Also: Ansel stole John's phone


John with Laura Dern (Hazel's Mom)

Frank the transportation capt., shared this picture of the trailers that make up the TFIOS movie set. Him and crew moved packed up and moved everything in almost five hours.

There was a small rain delay that stalled filming.


starts off with some John Green (with Shailene's hair) posted by Ansel

John in Ansel's trailer

Emily Peachey, our Monica, tweeted John and Nat how grateful she is to be a part of the movie and joked around with her movie-mom

Transportation Capt. Frank shared this picture from the craft service trunk.

John introduced Lily, who is playing young Hazel in the movie and just got her head shaved for the role

John is still crying on set.

Nat shared this picture John and Wyck handhold while watching a soccer match. Beautiful bromance.


Producer Wyck Godfrey posted this picture saying he is waiting for his actors and director (again)

Apparently they're shooting car scenes today!

John Green shared an image of Ansel taking a picture of him!

Ansel posted a vine of the rain in Pittsburgh

Emily Peachey, who plays Monica, posted a pic of herself on set

John unintentionally(?) teasing every one with these tweets


Shailene posted a picture of "our constellation".

John cleared a few things up about the movie

And tweeted about playing basketball with Ansel

He also wrote about some of his experience on set on tumblr. 

 A new, very adorable picture of Ansel and Shailene appeared on tumblr

Thanks to FactionFour for sending it our way

John Green posted new pictures from set of Ansel, Shailene and himself

Ansel shared a Vine of him playing basketball on set. Nat replied he did that about 20 times before he made it" on Twitter.


Josh Boone posted a picture of cinematographer Ben Richardson.

"On TFIOS set everyone wears crazy hats on Friday."

Transportation Capt. Frank shared a picture of his hat
John posted a picture of Hazel and Gus (and himself) on a swing set and we reminded ourselves to keep breathing.

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