Friday, August 2, 2013

Shailene Woodley talks TFIOS with Backstage Magazine

Photo by Jared Ryder| Backstage

Our Hazel Grace, Shailene Woodley, covers Backstage Magazine this week. In the interview she talked about The Descendants, The Spectacular Now, Divergent,  being cut from Spider Man 2 and of course, The Fault In Our Stars.
She briefly talks about emailing John Green and auditioning for the role ("known" actresses aren't always asked to auditioned). Scott and Michael, screenwriters for The Spectacular Now and TFIOS, also praised her:
She soon goes to work on “The Fault in Our Stars,” another role she pursued—after reading the book—by emailing author John Green and auditioning for director Josh Boone. “I was more than happy to audition because the character is 16, and I’ll be 22 when we film, so I knew they might have concerns,” she says. “Fortunately, the stars aligned on this one.” She also had people in her corner: Neustadter and Weber adapted the screenplay and were thrilled to work with her again. “She’s our Diane Keaton,” Weber says. “And I hope it keeps going. It’s so exciting to put your words in the hands of someone that talented.”
 On a red carpet interview with The Script Lab, Shailene returned the praise to Scott and Michael saying she loves that she is working with them in The Fault In Our Stars:
“I want to be in all their movies so when you talk to them will you just say ‘Shay wants to be in all your movies?’
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