Thursday, August 29, 2013

We asked you guys who you would love to see as Peter Van Houten and you answered!

We asked people on twitter who they would love to see as Peter Van Houten and we got some really great names! Can't wait to see if the "real" Van Houten is among them!

Robin Williams: IIIIIII (7)

Paul Giamatti: IIIIII (6)
Jim Broadbent: IIII (4)

Ian McKellen: II (2)

Jack Nicholson: II (2)
Clint Eastwood: II (2)
Philip Seymour Hoffman: II (2)

Donald Sutherland
: I (1)
Mads Mikkelsen: I (1)
Peter Capaldi: I (1)
Leonardo DiCaprio: I (1)
Hugh Laurie: I (1)

Liam Neeson: I (1)
Mark Ruffalo: I (1)
Woody Harrelson: I (1)
Robert DeNiro: I (1)
Rutger Hauer: I (1)
Matt Berry: I (1)

Please notice that we are in no way affliated with the production or casting so we do not know anything about the real casting. Iur guess is as good as yours.

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