Saturday, June 29, 2013

Josh Boone talks to the Inquisitr about TFIOS

THE INQUISITR: Something that’s really exciting is that you have The Fault In Our Stars coming up. How did that come to be? 
 BOONE: Yeah I still can’t believe I got it. A company called Temple Hill owned the book and brought it to Fox searchlight. Fox Searchlight hired the guys that wrote 500 Days of Summer to adapt it, and then they started meeting with directors. I still can’t believe I get to go make it. They just really liked my version of that movie. They liked what I came and said I was going to do with it, so we’re going to start shooting on August 26. The book is just so important to so many people that I want to make sure it’s as truthful as it can be.

THE INQUISITR: Both Stuck In Love and your next project deal with pretty sensitive subjects with teens. Do you feel pulled towards youth? 
 BOONE: I still feel young. I don’t think anyone ever truly grows up and I think that’s what Stuck In Love is about too. It’s a coming of age story for the parents as much as it is for the kids. I feel you get up and look in the mirror, and you go to work, and you still kind of feel like you’re just pretending to be an adult. I think it’s a feeling a lot of people have. That’s the feeling I have most of the time. I still feel like that kid in high school.

THE INQUISITR: Do you see yourself as a director or a writer? And does one job reflect the other?
 BOONE: Once you write the script I’m almost never the writer again. Once you’re the director, you kind of hate the writer, and you’re like ‘Who the f—k wrote this?’ I don’t enjoy writing. Writing is very difficult; it’s lonely and isolating. The time you spend dreaming about the script, like when you’re in your car just thinking about the characters, that stuff I really enjoy. Actually writing is just the worst. You want to write yourself out of that room. On The Fault In Our Stars I was so happy because I didn’t have to go off and do the hard part. I just get to go make the movie!

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