Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sam Trammell talks TFIOS with MTV

Sam Trammell, who is playing Hazel's dad in TFIOS, recently talked to MTV about TFIOS.
He talks about how true to the book the movie and script is,  that he's cried five times while reading the book and the scene he's most looking forward to is the egg-throwing scene. He also says Ansel and Shailene are really cute together.

Check out the video below!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TFIOS is in post-production

The Fault in Our Stars movie is currently being edited by Robb Sullivan and a team of editors. One of the editors shared this picture of the editorial "bible." We love that everyone that is a part of this movie has a great sense of humor.
: Dear @johngreenwritesbooks I hope you dont mind that we are changing the name of your book for the movie version. Sincerely, Greg from Editorial
John made us miss updates from set when he posted these pictures of Ansel and Shailene.
Memories: Ansel Elgort said he was taking a picture of Shailene and me but flipped the phone cam to selfie mode
And the picture he eventually took of Shai and me… #tfiosmovie
 John also shared a TFIOS Q&A for Vlogbrothers Question Tuesday.

Shailene and Laura at Elle's "Women in Hollywood" Event

It was a TFIOS reunion at the Elle Women in Hollywood event. 

Laura Dern, who plays Hazel's mom Frannie, presented Shailene with Calvin Klein Collection Emerging Star Spotlight Award. According to, Shailene was impressed with her Calvin Klein dress.

 "All of the threads on my [Calvin Klein] dress are hand sewn. I don't know if that impresses you, but it f*cking impresses me," she said.

The Hollywood Reporter said Shailene encouraged everyone to “close their eyes and imagine of all the women encountered in life – including the good and bad.”

“Become pregnant with them,” she said. “Nurture this, and then send warmth to every woman on the planet. We are able to raise a baby, and in the same sense we are able to raise the world.”

Check out photos and video from the event below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

TFIOS filming officially wraps

It's funny how fast time flies by when you're enjoying yourself.

For the last eight weeks, we have been closely following the filming of TFIOS movie. We are thankful that John, Ansel and other members of the cast and crew shared bits and pieces of information from set, whether it was a tweet about a joke or a picture of Shailene's yerba mate tea.

As a fansite we like to communicate with other fans and we have seen fans grow to love this project so much. In the beginning, we read a lot of complaints about casting, about filming location and more. But as filming wrapped, everyone that complained has now fallen in love again and have a renewed sense of excitement for the film. And we believe it had to do with the fact that John and others showed the love and excitement everyone that worked on this project has. We can assure you, 100 percent, everyone that worked/works in TFIOS, really cares deeply for this book.

In these eight weeks we have fallen in love with EVERY single person working on this project; from Frank, the transportation captain, to Emily Peachey, who plays Monica, to Ben Richardson, cinematographer and "lord of light," to Ansel Elgort, who plays the Augustus Waters dude, to the awesome Josh Boone, director.

So as fans, we thank you.

What happens now?


Now Josh Boone will work with editor Robb Sullivan and his team to put together the whole movie. Many rough cuts of the movie will be made before the final film is done and ready for release.

In post, there will be the addition of visual and sound effects, sound mixing, creation of soundtrack and score, color correction/grading and more.
We wish them lots of luck!

We will still be keeping you informed on any news.

Now we wait until June 6, 2014.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pictures and video from Filming in Amsterdam

We debated long about whether or not to post these pictures. 

On the one hand we're a site that wants to keep you updated about the movie and the filming process. On the other hand most of these pictures are paparazzi pics (and we are not happy about that). It's a difficult situation. We don't want to disrespect or be unappreciative of all the hard work the cast and crew is doing (please don't hate us y'all) but we also want to keep you guys updated.

 In the end we decided: They are all over tumblr and twitter anyway so we thought we'd post them here but make a cut under this little disclaimer so anyone who does NOT want to look at them, doesn't need to.

 If you don't want to spoil yourself or for any other reason decide not to look at them, don't look at this post.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 8 of filming: Amsterdam adventures

Out and about in Amsterdam 

: Stunning sunrise flying into Amsterdam with . Off to visit Anne Frank Huis!

@benrichardson: Amsterdam! #tfiosmovie

Ansel posted a picture of a canal on Instagram, so beautiful!

Ansel is in love with Amsterdam.

John made it to Amsterdam and posted a picture of Bitterballs!

Bitterballs!!! #tfiosmovie #amsterdam

A few lucky fans met John in a bookstore.





John started the day by posting a pic of Ansel trying his first Dutch bitterballs & Shailene cheerin.

A little boat, full of water, still floating.

John making us weep.

Rosianna, John's assistant is on set and she tweeted her awesome thoughts.

John shared a couple of more instagram pictures
Amsterdam, where every street corner begs to be Instagrammed. #tfiosmovie

The house we lived in back in 2011 when I was finishing The Fault in Our Stars. #tfiosmovie #amsterdam

@BenRichardson: #tfiosmovie

Fan pictures from Monday

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink


John shares pictures of Peter Van Houten's door...

... and of Ben Richardson filming the movie
shared this vine from set

@AnselElgort: Some dude paddleboarding in a canal. #amsterdam #tfiosmovie
 Josh Horowitz from MTV Movies shared this picture of him and John during their TFIOS set visit interview. We can't wait for the interview.
Happy/Sad/Confused. With John Green. @johngreenwritesbooks #happysadconfused #tfios
 Ansel hijacked John's phone.
I took johns phone. -ansel

And a picture with the production designer
With production designer @mfhughes1 in beautiful Amsterdam, where there is sunshine for the first time in several days.

Spoilery pap pictures were released. Proceed with caution.

Fan pictures
The last day of filming...bittersweet!

John posted a very cute picture of Shai & himself

I'm gonna miss you, Shailene. Thanks for being Hazel. Thanks for loving her (and Gus) as much as I do.

John's assistant, Rosianna, posted a picture of the team of superheros

#tfiosmovie team of superheroes!

And the sun finally came out as Ben Richardson's photo proves!

Ansel and John's tweets were bittersweet...

Last day with my Gus, @anselelgort. No filter, because Ansel doesn’t need one.
Josh Horowitz shared pictures from his interview with Ansel and Shailene. THEY ARE AWESOME
Then filming wrapped

That's a wrap on !

I know I speak for everyone involved in The Fault in Our Stars film in thanking the Anne Frank House for sharing their sacred space with our story. It was the best place to end the journey of filming the movie, and they were such gracious hosts.
John Green: I know I speak for everyone involved in The Fault in Our Stars film in thanking the Anne Frank House for sharing their sacred space with our story. It was the best place to end the journey of filming the movie, and they were such gracious hosts.

Fan pictures
@GagaLynn: I just met Shailene Woodley while they were shooting the final few takes!!

Congratulations to everyone involved for wrapping up this awesome project. Even for us watching from the outside, it was an awesome experience. June 6th cannot come fast enough !