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iTunes TFIOS Featurette: The Music Behind Our Stars

iTunes features Josh talking about finding the perfect song for each necessary moment. Ansel mentions the specific tone the music creates. Shai discusses how moved she was by the music. John Green's thrilled with the soundtrack. Additionally Grouplove, Charli XCX, Birdy, and Ed Sheeran talk about their musical contributions.

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TIME's First Look at TFIOS

TIME Magazine shares behind the scenes footage and the following with the cast:

Shailene talks about Hazel, her cannula, and John's writing style. Josh discusses the film's meet-cute and support group interaction. John reflects on the importance of Esther Earl in his life.

Read more at TIME.

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Shailene Woodley on Dallas and Riviera Magazine

Dallas Magazine




 “Let’s get in our comfies!” declares Shailene Woodley at the end of her extensive five-hour photo shoot. The 22-year-old actress, who stars as the teenage cancer-patient protagonist in this month’s The Fault in Our Stars (based on the best-selling young adult novel and romantic heart-wrencher by John Green), is speaking to no one—and everyone—on the set.

 And while her sentiment is meant to address the 5-inch heels that further accentuate her already long, lean, nearly 5-foot-9-inch frame; the painstakingly applied makeup she would normally eschew; the pixie cut that is rarely so perfectly coiffed; and the never-before-worn, form-fitting designer duds she’s donned instead of her standard secondhand treasures, it’s also an affirmation of Woodley’s mindset and general life orientation. Call it an impromptu, casual cri de coeur, California-style!

Born in Ventura County’s Simi Valley, Woodley bears many attributes often associated with those who make the Golden State their home. To start, she’s permanently peripatetic. “I’ve never lived in the same place, let alone the same house, for more than seven years,” says Woodley, the eldest of two children born to an elementary school principal (dad) and a middle school counselor (mom), who moved twice within California prior to returning to Simi Valley before her 10th birthday. To this day, she remains perpetually on the move. “I live in my car,” she jokes, pointing at her ride, which has a patina that makes clear its familiarity with the state highway system.


Shai and Ansel talk with Parade Magazine

Parade Magazine chats with Shai and Ansel about favorite childhood movies, acting methods, on-set habits, and more. 

Check out the rest of the adorable article at Parade.

Nat and Alex on Huffington Post Live

Nat and Alex are interviewed on Huffington Post Live about their upcoming album singles, acting projects, and more.

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Cast's TFIOS Viewing Supply Kit

Shai, Ansel, and Nat give Yahoo! Movies their TFIOS viewing supply kit ideas. 

Such a great interview! What are your viewing must-haves?

John Green's reddit AMA

John did a reddit AMA Q&A this morning, answering a lot of fan questions about his videos, nerdfighteria, his books and of course the TFIOS movie.

Maxillz23: John, how did you go about deciding the names for your main characters? How much math did you have to learn/relearn in order to write An Abundance of Katherines?
John: I had to learn a lot about math to write Katherines, even though Daniel Biss did all the actual math in the book. But I needed to understand the ideas in order to write about them.
As for names: One of the benefits of naming characters that you don't have when, say, naming a baby is that you actually know the person when you name them. So you can use the name to reflect stuff about them.
Like, take Hazel: Hazel is an in-between color, and she's in between a lot of things: In between healthy and sick, in between adulthood and childhood, in between breathing air and breathing water, etc. So that seemed like a small way of communicating the instability and fear (but also excitement) of that time of life.
With Augustus: Augustus is the name of Roman emperors, right? It's a grand name associated with traditional notions of greatness. But Gus is a kid's name. It's short and cute. In the novel, he makes the journey from strength to weakness, which is the opposite of the usual hero's journey. He starts out this confident, pretentious kid who's extremely performative in his every action. And then he becomes vulnerable. He becomes cracked open. For Gus, this is a brutal process. (Remember that moment toward the end when he says to Hazel, "You used to call me Augustus?") But his ability to be in it with her, and to allow himself to love and be loved despite the loss of the self he so carefully cultivated, is to my mind way more heroic than those traditional notions of Great Men Doing Great Things.
In the case of Katherines, I called them Katherine because it's a good name for anagramming. There are a lot of anagrams in Katherines, and I suck at anagramming, so I cheated by picking a name that has the right mix of consonants and vowels.

MORE AFTER THE JUMP and on reddit

Mike Birbiglia talks TFIOS with Hamptonroads

Mike Birbiglia, who plays support group leader Patrick, recently sat down with HamptonRoads to talk about the TFIOS movie and Josh Boone (among other things). Check out parts of the interview below:
Q. You’re in the cast of “The Fault in Our Stars,” but given your schedule, have you actually had time to see the film yet?
A. Yeah, I have, and, knock on wood, I think it’s gonna live up to the hype. It’s a real tear-jerker. I cried and cried. Shailene (Woodley) is incredible, Ansel (Elgort) is great in it, and ... it’s just excellent. It’s a beautiful film.

Q. How did you end up being a part of it as a cancer therapy group leader? Did Josh come after you, or was it an audition?
A. It was a totally fluky thing. I’m a big fan of the screenwriters’ last film, “The Spectacular Now,” and I just tweeted about it all the time. A lot of times I’ll tweet about movies that I love that maybe won’t get the biggest audience, because as a filmmaker myself, I know that most of these small movies just don’t stand a chance against these big-budget studio films that basically have a $30 million marketing budget, so I’m just, like, “Well, I’ll try and send my Twitter followers to it!”
And the screenwriters (Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber) really appreciated that, so they got in touch with me, and I moderated some Q&As with Michael. And then he was working on “The Fault in Our Stars” in Pittsburgh, and he was, like, “Hey, would you like to play this part? Because if this interests you ... .” And I read the book, I read the script right away, and I was, like, “Oh, yeah!” I mean, that’s right in my wheelhouse.
Q. And how did you enjoy working with our hometown boy, Josh Boone?
A. I think the coolest thing about Josh is that he really has this collaborative sense of, like, “Whatever you want to bring to the character, just show up with it, and then we’ll play with it. And if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” I’d never met him in person before working on the movie, but I talked to him on the phone, and as we were sort of feeling each other out, I was, like, “It says the character has a guitar. I play guitar a little bit. Do you want me to play guitar?” He said, “Yeah, you should play guitar!” “I could, like, write a little song for it.” “Yeah! Write a song!” And then I showed up, and I played this song, and ... it was just really ridiculous. (Laughs.) It was three chords or something. But he was, like, “That’s great!”
I like Josh a lot. I think he’s got a really light touch with his approach to film, which is exactly my aesthetic, and that’s the kind of person I like to work with. He’s a very, very kind person, a very generous director, and he never stresses people out. He’s never yelling at people. He’s very positive, and he’s very focused. I think he’s going to have a very long, illustrious career. I think he’s a real talent.

Whole interview at the source / Thanks to dpaulboone for the link

Shai and Ansel Interview Each Other

Shai and Ansel interview each other in this fun press junket interview. They discuss board games, Amsterdam fun, favorite films, and more.

Nat talks TFIOS with ABC News

ABC News talks with Nat about Isaac, Shailene's acting talents, Palo Alto, and his band with his brother, Alex.

ABC US News | ABC International News

Today Show will host Google+ Hangout live from the red carpet premiere

On Monday, The Today Show will host a Google+ Hangout live from the world premiere of The Fault In Our Stars at The Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. The hangout will start at 6 p.m. EST and will last an hour. Willie Geist will interview John Green and the cast of the movie as well as ask fan questions submitted through The Today Show Book Club.

You can RSVP and watch the hangout here.

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MTV AfterHours with Shai and Ansel

Ansel and Shai teach MTV After Hours' creator, Josh Horowitz, the art of the best hug in 'Hugs 101'.

TFIOS Cast Chats with Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of TFIOS and subsequently interview Ansel, Shai, Sam, and Laura.

Here are the highlights:

And how do you want to be remembered?
Shai: I just want to make sure that every single day I am showing up in a way that’s full of integrity and compassion and love. And as far as wanting to be remembered — it’s more about what impression did I make, was I fully myself today and was I fully able to bring love to the table, because it’s really all about love.
Ansel: I hope that I inspire people to embrace their creative side, I feel like often times in society, people aren’t fortunate where they’re born into families where creativity is frowned upon, and I think that human beings are very creative people, and I want to be remembered as an inspiration for creativity.

What aspect of the book, which of the profound themes, resonated with you most: and how did you bring that to your character?
Sam: God, there are so many. One of the things that I loved that he says, that my character says, is that the universe wants to be noticed, and it rewards those who notice it. And then, who am I to say that my recognition of the universe is temporary? Which is so heavy, I’m still absorbing that — it’s like [John's] a philosopher. I love the idea that the universe is a being that wants to be seen and rewards those who see it. That to me is very zen — being in the moment, noticing the little things around you.
Laura: What’s the quote? Pain demands to be felt. That concept was really profound, to get to be a part of a film that not only doesn’t shy away from, but requires you, to feel the fearlessness of loving, knowing that we lose love also, and that we shouldn’t shy away from it culturally, and talking about it with our children, our lovers, our friends. That, as well, is very beautiful.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview and a super cute video interview with Shai and Ansel at the source!

TFIOS Team Takes BookCon

Coming up on Saturday, May 31st, in New York City, TFIOS will be taking BookCon by storm with a panel with the creative heads on the book-to-movie adaptation. 

Director Josh Boone, author John Green, screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, producer Wyck Godfrey, and president of Fox 2000 Pictures Elizabeth Gabler will be on hand during the hour long panel, taking place from 3:30-4:30pm.

As disclosed in the official BookCon press release, the panel will discuss various aspects of the adaptation process and give a sneak peek of the film.

For fans attending the event, here are a couple comments from BookCon themselves about the panel:

Check out the rest of the press release here for all of the details on the panel!

We will be at the event live tweeting. 

Sam Trammell talks TFIOS on his Reddit AMA

Sam Trammell hosted a Q&A on Reddit and answered some TFIOS questions.

Did you enjoy shooting the Faults in our Stars movie, and did you read the book before before you shoot this movie?
Yes, I read the book before we shot. Wow, such a complex and beautiful and existential piece for YA. But maybe I just don't know my YA genre. I was so moved by it and yes, it was a daunting task, the idea of playing a father who has a child with cancer. I was such a fan of Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern before met. And the script was so good it was a no brainer. We really did have a great time together. This cast and the producers and director and John Green too, we all bonded in a serious way. We had a lot of dinners together in Pittsburgh and basically hung out whenever we could. I love Pittsburgh. It reminds me of a bigger Charleston WV where I grew up and consider home. Very very special project and I think everyone should see it.
Your character had to cry a lot in The Fault In Our Stars. As an actor, how do make yourself be emotional and cry?
I DID have to cry a lot. It was so specifically stated in the book and everyday on set Josh Boone, the director, said "looks like you gotta cry again". So there was a little bit of pressure (A LOT). On "The Fault in our Stars" it really wasn't all that hard--or at least it was easier than other times. I have two little 2 1/2 year old boys. I was playing a father to a child with cancer. That in itself is a pretty good setup. My heart goes so soft anytime I even think about my boys. In fact, I've become hyper sensitive to kids in general and I get emotional pretty easily when it comes to them. Even total strangers. I did some research of course and read blogs about kids who had had cancer or are still living with it. One boys' blog, Max Mikulak (, was particularly beautiful and heartbreaking. I feel like I got to know his family. Anyway, there are a lot of sad and inspiring stories out there and so it wasn't hard to get there. I started in the theater in New York and I feel like every play I did I had to cry or do an accent--and 8 times a week. So, that was pretty good training. I've never used the peppermint spray that you can ask for on set. And maybe I should have, but I come from that hard headed only do it if it's real sort of mentality. Making yourself cry for projects always demands some kind of new head trick. The same visual or memory only works a couple times at best. So, you have to keep inventing. And sometimes you don't have to do anything. Like when I was doing a lot of plays, your body would get used to that moment that you had repeated dozens of times and it would just happen.

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Shailene, Ansel, and John talk TFIOS and Brazil with Capricho

Shailene and Ansel are on the cover of the Brasilian magazine "Capricho." The magazine features interviews with Shailene, John and Ansel.

Shailene talked about being proud of the film and this story being more about life than death. Shailene considers herself a romantic. She also talked about what she loves from Hazel and Gus.

"(Hazel) wants to live in small moments. She is very mature, knows nothing is immortal," Shailene said. "Before anything, no one in the world is like Augustus Waters (she laughs). He is so unique, so authentic."

She also mentions how she adapted quickly to her short hair after she cut it all off for the movie and how she enjoyed not having to use a lot of makeup and wear sweatshirts in the film. 

John talked to the magazine about his fame in Brazil, how crazy it is to have the TFIOS movie, and getting teens to read books.

"I am very thankful when teens tell me that they read my stories. It means a lot to me," John said.

John also talked about being able to write stories about teens saying that the problems teens face aren't that different from adult problems. He also expressed his love for Shailene as Hazel and Ansel as Gus and said he was very happy with this movie.

The interviewer started off Ansel's interview by asking him not to smile throughout the interview because it enchanted her and she lost concentration. He talked about Brasilian fans being very passionate, TFIOS being a very special story, and how amazing it was to play Augustus Waters. He also talked about the emotional car scene and how hard it was for him as an actor.

"(car scene) was so hard. I haven't been that emotional since I was 4 years old," Ansel said. "Did you know that during that scene I could not stop crying? I love that scene. It is very raw and real. You don't see a lot of that in films."

Ansel also talks about the similarities he shares with Gus like wanting to leave a mark in the world and being a romantic. He also talks about being normal even though he is an actor and what he does in his spare time. When interviewer asked him if he is afraid of oblivion he responded:
"Oblivion is inevitable."

Check out the scans below:

Source: AnselElgortBrasil

Additional Press Interviews

Shailene, Nat, and John have an insightful chat with BigFanBoy about Nerdfighteria community, Hazel's cannula, Amsterdam, Paper Towns and more.

Shailene and Ansel talk with Made In Hollywood via Movietickets' Youtube page about their characters and first love. Sam and Laura on their characters' parenting methods with Hazel's cancer in mind and grief. John discusses Nerdfighteria. Nat on the truth in TFIOS. (Via The Shailers)

Shailene talked to ShowbizJunkie at CinemaCon about TFIOS being close to the book, portraying Hazel and working with Ansel.

Shailene on the Late Late Show

Shailene Woodley was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. They talked about growing up with therapist parents, facing fears, youth and success, and more. They briefly talked about TFIOS saying that the movie is sad but sad moments are part of real life.
Check out the entire 10 minute interview here.


from the official Late Late Show youtube page

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TFIOS Gewinnspiel (Österreich)

*Austrian fans only*

Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter -  Ab 13. Juni nur im Kino!

Hazel (Shailene Woodley) und Gus (Ansel Elgort) sind zwei außergewöhnliche junge Menschen, die den gleichen Humor und die Abneigung gegen Konventionelles teilen und sich ‚unsterblich‘ ineinander verlieben. Ihre Beziehung ist so einzigartig und wundervoll, dass die beiden es furchtlos mit ihrem gemeinsamen schonungslosen Schicksal aufnehmen. Gus macht Hazels großen Traum wahr: Gemeinsam fliegen sie nach Amsterdam, um dort Peter Van Houten (Willem Dafoe) zu treffen, den Autor von Hazels absolutem Lieblingsbuch. Eine Reise, die das Leben der beiden entscheidend verändern wird. Eine faszinierende, poetische und zutiefst bewegende Liebesgeschichte über den Mut zu leben und zu lieben und die Kunst das Schicksal zu meistern.

Da "Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter" ("The Fault in Our Stars") sehr bald, nämlich am 13. Juni, in die Kinos kommt, haben wir ein Gewinnspiel für unsere österreichischen Follower organisiert! 
Je einen der folgenden Preise könnt ihr gewinnen:

2 x TFIOS Buch                2 x TFIOS Soundtrack

2 x TFIOS Hörbuch

Um teilzunehmen, schreibt uns einfach in die Kommentare, auf welche Szene ihr euch am meisten freut und hinterlasst uns Eure Emailadresse!

- Wohnhaft in Österreich.
- Das Gewinnspiel läuft vom 26. Mai bis und mit dem 12. Juni (24:00 Uhr MEZ).
- Die sechs Gewinner werden dann per Losverfahren gezogen und im Anschluss von uns kontaktiert.

Viel Glück!

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TFIOS Soundtrack Reaction Post

We sat down and talked about all of our TFIOS soundtrack feels and we thought we'd share our conversation. 

The letter director, Josh Boone, wrote to fans was a beautiful surprise. It was heartfelt and allowed us, as fans, to connect with Josh. We can all agree that music is universal and can help us deal with hard moments. We also appreciate the fact he took the time to thank the TFIOS team who helped come up with the amazing soundtrack.

All of the Stars - Ed Sheeran
Sara: I think it is beautiful. I also love the placement especially the way Season explained it. It would/will be a great song to decompress and mourn with. I mean at the end of the movie I am going to be coming down from a high, I’m going to need some time to recuperate and process things.
Kate: Exactly. It perfectly wraps up the story.
Tamara: Yeah, I think it expresses everything you feel about the book in one song. The sadness but also the hope and happiness you feel.
Kate: I bawled when I first listened to it. No joke!
Sara: Ed Sheeran is just really freaking talented.
Katherine: It's even more amazing that he wrote this song without having seen the film yes. Really captures the essence of hope through the sadness.

Simple as This - Jake Bugg
Sara: I like Jake Bugg. It's a different genre than pop. It's folk-y.
Kate: I like the lyrics a lot.
Tamara:  I think that's Augustus to some extent. It's kind of his happiness.
Sara: Yup. I mean the song is about something that makes a person happy that is simple and unexpected.
Tamara: I imagine Ansel's HUGE smile with that song.
Katherine: Jake's voice sounds so lived in and rough. At the same time, the blend of his voice and the banjo really welcome you in.
Kate: He sounds like a Beatle. I especially like this line "I've been falling, crashing, breaking... And all the while you were stood here waiting for me, girl."
Sara: Yes, it is very Beatles.
Let Me In - Grouplove
Kate: I can totally see Gus coming out of the limo to this. Like BAM! Here I am.
Sara: Okay this isn't my favorite but it's a good song. I like that this is the song they are using for the limo pickup for the airport.
Tamara: The thing about this song is I like it on its own but I can't imagine it in the movie yet. That's reason 27393489 for why I need to see the movie ASAP.
Kate: It's one of those melodies that remind you of an epic day with your friends.
Sara: Yeah. It's a good pump up song, like you're getting ready to do something with friends.
Katherine: It's so vibrant. You can just feel how pumped Gus and Hazel are. Not to mention, the song is kickass all on its own.

Tee Shirt - Birdy
Sara: I really love me an acoustic guitar song. I love this one so much.
Tamara: Tee Shirt is first love and makes you all “alksjdlakd” and butterflies and sunshine.
Kate: Yes exactly, the melody as well as the lyrics.
Katherine: HER VOICE! Hard not to sway and smile.
Sara: I smile listening to this one and Best Shot. They are light and uplifting songs.
Tamara: I can already see my face splitting in half with that song in the movie.
Sara: I can imagine Gus and Hazel smiles.
Katherine: "When I saw you
everyone knew I
liked the affect that you
had on my eyes
But no one else heard
the way of your words
or felt the affect that they
have on my mind" <3333
Sara: Birdy slays with her words

All I Want - Kodaline
Tamara:  All I Want is one of the saddest songs, I think. It's not this depressing in your face sadness but this bittersweet sadness. Accepting or something.
Sara: I want to give Greg a hug for including that song.  Listening to it is an intense experience. That one and 'Wait'...all I have to do is close my eyes and I feel the emotion well up inside of me. The song itself builds up with the music. It starts off slow and quiet crescendos into something big that makes you want to cry and run.
Kate: I've listened to it ever since Google used it in their Zeitgeist 2012 video. It hurts me.
Katherine: It REALLY stays with you too. It's been in my head ever since my first listen.
Tamara:  Yeah totally. It makes me wanna scream the lyrics along. 
Kate: "If you loved me why did you leave me, take my body...all I want is and I all I need is to find somebody like you are" <///////3
Sara: It is easily one of my favorites on the soundtrack.

Long Way Down - Tom Odell
Kate: That song signifies mourning for me. I can see that song post-Gus. 
Tamara: I was just going to say the exact opposite. I can imagine this song while Hazel falls in love with him, but doesn't want to because she is a 'grenade'.
Sara: I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tom O’Dell. Love how simple this song is. It’s not overwhelming.
Katherine: I love how Season said it was important to have something organic in the grenade-ish part of the movie, because I can totally see Hazel pacing and wrought with indecision about what to do about Gus.

Boom Clap - Charlie XCX
Kate: That song keeps me going. It's uplifting and really fits the idea of living in the moment.
Tamara:  It’s a really good dance song. You just wanna dance like a maniac.
Katherine: It's so unbelievably snappy and catchy. Full of life!
Sara: I love how this song is sort of introducing Amsterdam, a light-hearted moment of adventure and falling in love.
Kate: I love the drum parts and the lyrics to it "boom clap like the sound of my heart".
Katherine: I get this song stuck in my head for days. I have a deep love for it.
Kate: I FEEL YA!

While I'm Alive - STRFKR
Kate: Stuck on repeat!!!!!
Katherine: Makes me dance in the way that songs on The OC used to. Like whenever a Rooney song would show up.
Tamara:  This song just FORCES you to start swinging your hips.
Katherine: This is a straight up booty shaker.
Sara: One word to describe this song: Fun.
Katherine: It's so quirky and offbeat that it so fits Hazel's mindset after meeting cocky Gus.

Oblivion - The Indians
Sara: 'Oblivion' was an unexpected song. I love it. It’s soothing. It fits in that soundtrack. Many wanted Bastille's 'Oblivion' in the soundtrack. I prefer this one.
Kate: I want to lay on the grass, feel the wind on my face while listening to this song.
Katherine: It's full of wonder and sweetness in its simplicity. Makes me smile so much.

Strange Things Will Happen - The Radio Dept.
Sara: This was another one that was unexpectedly good. I have never heard of The Radio Dept. I want to hear every song they have released.
KateI love the vibe.
Tamara: Yeah, same here. I really like how it feels.
Katherine: I LOVE this one. Again it reminds me of a thoughtful song from an The OC soundtrack. It's whimsical and magical. The OC soundtracks ALWAYS made you feel everything, while being relevant to the episodes and I feel this does the same.
Sara: I'm really thankful Josh included this song and that he has really good taste in music.
Katherine: Reminds me so much of the music in Stuck In Love.

Boomfalleralla - Afasi & Filthy
Kate: I don't get a word, but it's so Van Houten
Katherine: I'm OBSESSED with this song. Reminds me of a blend of Kanye and Eminem, but, ya know, Swedish.
Sara: I laughed when they announced that this would be on soundtrack I am just so happy they included the song. Also, I laughed when you hear Van Houten asking Lidewij to queue up the song at the start of the track.
Tamara: Makes me think of John and Ansel with a few golden chains and gangsta caps.
Katherine: Behind the scenes of Ansel's music producing with John.
Tamara: I just think that it's (once more) the BEST FEELING for any fan that they included that. They really treasured the book so much.
Katherine: Shows their attention and care of details.
Sara: It's a random song, but it really fits the moment. Here are these kids from US and an idiot author who is hiding in Amsterdam. The song feels out of place just like Hazel and Gus.
Katherine: Makes me laugh just how gangster this song is and just picturing Van Houten jam out...I can't.

Without Words - Ray Lamontagne
Sara: Okay I am a huge fan of Ray Lamontagne. His voice is amazing.
Kate: That song sort of wraps up the Amsterdam trip for me.
Tamara: I was just going to say that this song feels Amsterdam-y.
Sara: It's a very goodbye song. Nostalgic song. 
Katherine: So soulful! Ray's always intertwined the sadness and bright spots of life beautifully.

Not About Angels - Birdy
Tamara: 'Not About Angels' is just not ok. Birdy can't do that to people and she needs to know that.
Sara: 'Not About Angels' wrecks me every time. Every. Single. Time.
Tamara:  I love so much how the song swells and gets bigger and fills your chest kind of?
Sara: The lyrics wreck me. Essentially Birdy is talking about people/Angels come, bless our lives and then leave. Gus is that. Hazel is that. Everyone is temporary.
Katherine: I want to hug everyone and everything and attach some tear buckets under my eyeballs because FEELS.
Kate: I listened to the soundtrack on the train the other day and I started tearing up. Listening to it in public isn't a good idea.
Sara: The song builds up to crescendo that makes your heart explode and bleed and goodbye you're a mess.

No One Ever Loved - Lykke Li
Tamara: I think 'No One Ever Loved' kind of wraps up the movie nicely. Still sad, but bittersweet.
Kate: I love how they still included it because she wrote it for Gus and Hazel.
Katherine: "In his arms, 
don't leave me now.
Crystal light 
don't fail me now." 
Sara: Okay, 'No One Ever Loved' is just sad. The music, the tone and the lyrics are sad. It makes me want to hug people and stuff.
Tamara: That is the best description. It makes you just want to hug everything.

Wait - M83
Sara: 'Wait' is just feels all over my body.
Tamara: That one is devastating on its own, but knowing why Josh really wanted it in there equals WATERFALLS ON MY FACE.
Sara: I legit cry. The music is simple but very powerful. The lyrics.
Tamara: That one also builds up in your body and wants out.
Kate: They did an AMAZING job with the soundtrack. I do not NOT like any of the songs. 
Sara: "There's no end/
There is no goodbye
With the night"
Katherine: So haunting and devastating. But in a way, it's also uplifting, which is why I love M83 so much.
Sara: And I agree that knowing the weight of the song for Josh adds to the emotion I feel.
Tamara: Makes me want hug him. He is pretty freaking awesome.

Best Shot - Birdy and Jaymes Young
Sara: One of my favorites. I have it on repeat.
Tamara: It just makes me smile.
Katherine: Seeing a montage of Gus and Hazel's friendship to relationship progression in my head right now and it's making me SO happy.
Sara: This song really makes me smile so hard. I want to sway and kiss a cute boy. Also the lyrics ARE THE CUTEST. Like 'Tee Shirt', it is very first innocent love.
Kate: There's just something magical to Birdy's voice.
Katherine: Birdy's voice is supreme.
Tamara: The song is Gus and Hazel's smiles again. THEY MADE MUSIC OUT OF THEIR SMILES. How is that even possible?

Overall thoughts:
Tamara: I, in all seriousness, don't really know yet how to go into that movie. I'm preparing for it. I am thinking about what needs to be done beforehand, because for at least two days after I see the film I won't be able to function properly.
Sara: Listening to this soundtrack and knowing how everything is going to blend together (scenes and music) makes me so emotional. Each song does its job and does it well.
Tamara: Totally.
Katherine: Soundtracks have always been so important to me and this one feels like it's on another level. Everything is so fitting and perfect.
Sara: Can we give Josh and Season a big hug?
Katherine: Giant tackle hugs.

So what did you guys think of the soundtrack? Favorite songs? General feels overload? Let us know!