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Beautiful New Movie Stills

The official FaultMovie twitter shared these beautiful new images with us. 

What do you think? Aren't these just adorable?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Time Magazine talks to Shailene and Ansel about TFIOS

Time Magazine talked to both, Shailene and Ansel about the movie and its important message, how they switched roles from Divergent to TFIOS and much more. Check out the article below.

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort play brother and sister in the dystopian setting the recent blockbuster Divergent, where humanity grapples with categorization as a means of societal control. But shortly after filming the film, which is based on a novel by Veronica Roth, Woodley and Elgort had to shift their onscreen relationship for another book adaptation. In The Fault In Our Stars, the duo play teenage love interests who are both dealing with impending doom of another kind — cancer.

The film, out June 6, is based on a popular young adult novel by John Green; it follows a 16-year-old cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster who encounters a compelling young man named Augustus Waters in a support group. For Woodley, there were a lot of reasons to accept the role of Hazel, whose witty narration in the novel carries over into the film in voiceover form.

“There were so many things!” Woodley tells TIME about what drew her to Hazel. “The fact that Hazel at such a young age realizes that all of this is fleeting and that none of it matters. That it doesn’t matter how big of a mark you leave on the world or how many great things you do, or if you change the world or if you’re Martin Luther King Jr. or Cleopatra or homeboy down the street. Eventually it’s all going to end, and oblivion is inevitable. So you might as well enjoy every moment and live every moment in a present state of mind. The fact that she understood that at such a young age was so powerful to me.”

The casting for The Fault In Our Stars was announced midway through filming Divergent, but both actors felt able to aptly separate the two films. Elgort, who was cast as Augustus in Fault, plays Caleb Prior in Divergent, the brother of Woodley’s character Beatrice Prior. Caleb is logical and driven by his intelligence, whereas Augustus is a fun-loving teenager who manages to find a bright side to a cancer diagnosis.

“When you’re there and you’re Caleb, you have to be Caleb,” Elgort says. “I hadn’t thought about Augustus Waters yet. And then when you change characters, you change the way you look, you change the way you feel. Everything changes. You almost start to think that Shailene is two different people in the projects. You meld with your character a little bit, naturally. You start to pick up those tendencies a little bit.”

“Ansel and I have an affinity for each other just as far as recognizing and admiring the spirits in one another,” Woodley adds. “It was nice to do a movie like Fault, which does have so many vulnerable scenes with somebody I was already comfortable with.”

Elgort felt a significant connection to Augustus and it’s one that apparently resonated with the author himself. “John Green, after he saw the film, gave me a huge compliment,” Elgort says. “He said, ‘Your work as Augustus was so special because I had never thought about him that much. It’s from the point of view of Hazel in the story, so Augustus wasn’t as real of a person to me until I saw the film.’ Because now you’re watching a real person, you’re not just hearing Hazel’s thoughts about him. So it’s fresh whether you’ve read the book or not.”

Those who have read The Fault In Our Stars are prepared to bring Kleenex to the cinema — and Elgort says they should. He confirmed that moviegoers will cry “pretty hard,” but Woodley has a different perspective on the narrative’s tragic tone.

“It’s pretty sad,” she said. “But it’s also really empowering. It’s like the book. I think the movie really mastered the tone of the book.”

Shailene Woodley talks TFIOS with Access Hollywood

Shailene talked The Fault in Our Stars with Access Hollywood at the CinemaCon red carpet. She said that even though TFIOS is emotional it is an uplifting story.
"It teaches you to sorta celebrate life and celebrate moments and I think that is one of the most important universal message," Shailene said.
Shailene also said that Hazel and Augustus are terminally ill but this allows them to live in moments. They teach us that you don't have to live a big life to live a meaningful life.

Check out the entire interview below.

Shailene talks to Entertainment Weekly at CinemaCon

Shailene talks to Entertainment Weekly's Nicole Sperling about The Fault in Our Stars and her whirlwind 2014, filled with both TFIOS and Divergent press.

Source: Zimbio, Divergent Life

On her intertwining press commitments:
"I was just saying that Fault is about two kids with cancer who jump off buildings and run on trains," she says with a laugh. "Wait, is that not right?"

On TFIOS not being a 'cancer movie':
“People ask me in interviews all the time, ‘How did it feel to play a cancer patient?’ I didn’t play a cancer patient. I played a girl who happened to be leading this life and happened to have ‘a touch of cancer,’” she says, in reference to a line from Green’s novel. “This book — and movie — they don’t victimize death, they empower life. That should be the tagline.”

On the importance of TFIOS in the film industry:
"It’s such an important movie: It’s a big studio movie where their lead female has a cannula [oxygen tube] in, in every scene, and on the f—in’ poster my face has no makeup on it and an oxygen tube,” she says. “That is groundbreaking and it’s completely rewriting the paradigm for how female leads exist. I saw [Fox's chairman and chief executive] Jim Gianopolus, and I said, ‘Thank you so much for having the guts and the balls to make a movie like this, to put out a movie like this.’ People making indie movies don’t even make movies like this. It’s so cool.”

Read the rest of the insightful interview with Shailene here at the source.

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The Fault In Our Stars showcased at CinemaCon 2014

Photo credit: Just Jared Jr.
The Fault In Our Stars was part of the 20th Century Fox panel at CinemaCon 2014 held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Shailene Woodley attended the panel and walked the red carpet. She talked to press about TFIOS. Shailene will also receive "CinemaCon Female Star of Tomorrow Award" for proving she is a rising star to watch in Hollywood.

During the panel, Fox presented an extended TFIOS trailer. Many of the film journalists who attended the event liked what they saw:

Photo credit: Deadline

Shailene also talked to the audience about TFIOS
The Wrap wrote a recap of TFIOS presentation:
“It's an amazingly powerful story,” Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos told exhibitors, noting the film signals “our business isn't only about franchises and visual effects extravaganzas.”

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:
Shailene Woodley, star of Divergent and the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars, was next to take the stage.
"It was truly, authentically, genuinely one of the biggest honors of my life to be a part of this project," said Woodley of Fault in Our Stars. "I literally told Fox that I would be a PA or a caterer if I wasn't right for the role of Hazel Grace."

Variety wrote

The showmanship continued as Gianopulos ran through the coming films with help from Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, both from “The Other Woman,” along with Shailene Woodley, star of the already buzz-building “The Fault in Our Stars.”
Woodley says the film, based on a book of the same name by John Green, was so important to her that she volunteered to be a production assistant or caterer, just to help it get made.
“It rewrote the way I look at every breath” she told the audience.

New TFIOS Still in EW

This new little, adorable still of Gus and Hazel in Amsterdam can be found in the latest EW (April 4th, 2014) issue. The article can be found below.


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MSN Movies UK's exclusive featurette from TFIOS

MSN Movies UK has just released an exclusive featurette with lots of new glimpses of the TFIOS movie as well as interviews with Ansel, Shai and John Green. Yahoo! Movies posted the U.S. version here.

Take a deep breath and watch it below:
via @elwiens

Once more, thanks so much to @elwiens