Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 6 of filming: Support group and visitors on set


Ansel shares a picture of Nat Wolff "doing his photoshoot" for TFIOS

Ansel also continues on his quest to make us all fall in love with him and his excitement for the role!

Ben Richardson posted a picture of his alarm!

Andrew Sims from Hypable tweeted about visiting the set!
DCA ✈️ PIT. Anyone want to guess what movie set I'm heading to? One involving a literal heart of Jesus.


Some websites and blogs visited the movie set. They were able to observe support group scenes and others being filmed. Visitors were able to see the set dynamic and cast and crew interact. They also spoke to John and others and asked fan questions. These websites are embargoed (aka can not post their final experience write-up) until next year. We will post as soon as it allowed to.

Reunited with @shailenewoodley and @natandalex at the #tfiosmovie. Nat and I trying to look cool. Shai just is cool.
Today Mike Birbiglia, who will play ball-less Patrick, was on set and they couldn't get his name on his director chair correct. lol
Just arrived on set of Fault in Our Stars and this is my chair. Thanks, @realjohngreen.

Hey , there's a fault in my chair.

Just a video of Nat and Ansel being their usual adorable selves inside their trailer. 

Deb (@cameragirlpgh): @realjohngreen Keeping track of ALL cameras on set today :-) #NoCameraAmberAlertToday

Beth (@bethbadass), a Support Group Member, shared this picture of the Support Group with John, Shailene and Nat.

John shared a similar picture.
The awesome support group cast with and .
John shared this picture of Henry, his son, on set. He was able to witness movie magic the same way his dad has been doing for the past six weeks. Adorable.
Henry enjoys watching the #tfiosmovie too!
The TFIOS set visit giveaway winner shared two pictures of her trip.
okay? okay.
so nice meeting you yesterday! You are truly an inspiration,I hope Kate gets to meet you soon!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 5 of filming: Dafoe's Van Houten on set and a somber day


Frank the transportation Captain tweeted about meeting Willem Dafoe, who will play Van Houten!



John headed back to TFIOS set
Sleepy in an airport. As usual
John shared this picture from set. Clue: Van Houten had a lot of fan mail.
Guess where I am?
On the fancy stage of #tfiosmovie with the not unhamdsome @anselelgort.

The wall of fan art at the TFIOS production office
At the production office for The Fault in Our Stars, a huge wall of fan art to inspire the cast and crew.


Nat shared a picture of his breakfast. Yummy.
back in Pittsburgh
 John shared pictures on Instagram
Dawn in Pittsburgh. On my way to a somber day on the set.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Vlogbrothers video: John on set and question Tuesday with Nat Wolff

John's weekly Vlogbrothers video was a "Question Tuesday" video with Nat Wolff, who is playing Isaac in TFIOS. Watch the hilarious video and fall in love with Nat.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The awesome is giving away a very special trip to Pittsburgh to visit the set of TFIOS, between the dates of Sept. 29 to Oct. 1. (US RESIDENTS ONLY sad)

You’ll get to see all the action go down as the movie films in Pittsburgh, as well as meet with some of the cast, and (drum roll, please) TFiOS author John Green! While that whole experience is priceless, the winner and a guest will also receive:
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transportation from airport to hotel and to set
Um, does it get any better than getting to leave your mark (see what we did there?) on the TFiOS set? So if this is something you’re into, find out how you can enter below, okay? Okay.

For more information on how to enter visit
Good luck nerdfighters!

CASTING: Milica Govich is Augustus' Mom

According to IMDB we have Augustus' Mom and it's Milica Govich! 
This hasn't yet been confirmed by Josh, John or the studio.

Thanks to ditacannon for the tip!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 4 of filming: A cameo and a metaphor


John is still on set and keep showering us with amazing pictures!

John posted a picture of himself and his wife Sarah on set of the movie

He also shared an image of a few extras who also happen to be nerdfighters

 Nat and Ansel on set

Curtis (part of film crew) shared this picture of the camera and crane used today for filming.

Josh Horowitz from MTV also did his exclusive interviews with cast and crew on set.

Ansel and Nat are also having fun off set. They had a "pool" party.


Filming took place in an airport in Pittsburgh. They filmed the scene with Hazel, Gus and Frannie on their way to Amsterdam. John's cameo will take place in the airport.

John Green finds himself in the make-up trailer preparing for his cameo appearance

He also introduces us to cute, little Sophie.

And posts a picture of graffiti at the Pittsburgh airport.


John posted a picture of the set on instagram saying "Making the #tfiosmovie. It's a construction site, but a very beautiful one. Picture stolen from @abnicho."
#vscocam #tfios - @abnicho

Ansel shared an image of cinematographer Ben Richardson

Just watching Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern be brilliant. I wish I could show you that, but no spoilers! #tfiosmovie

The angelic Shailene Woodley brought a miraculous food truck to the set of the . Delicious tofu dog!!


Two fanpictures of Ansel and Shailene being adorable!

Cinematographer Ben Richardson posted a picture of himself on instagram!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ansel Elgort part of Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Photoshoot

Ansel is part of Teen Vogue's 2013 Young Hollywood Portfolio!

Ansel Elgort as The Hollywood Hero

Age: 19

Hometown: New York City
Hello, Hollywood: With three big-time films on his résumé (this month's Carrie remake, and next year'sDivergent and The Fault in Our Stars, both opposite Shailene Woodley) and hefty parts in them to boot, Ansel is the new It kid in town.
Heart for the Arts: Ansel, whose father is famed Vogue and Teen Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort, grew up immersed in the arts (even modeling for Teen Vogue for his dad). "I started doing musical theater and ballet," he says. "Then I spent seven years training to be an actor. It sort of all paid off."
Remix: Besides acting, his passion project is making house music and DJing in New York City under the name Ansolo. "I'm obsessed," he says. "At Comic-Con, two days before the Teen Vogue shoot, Asa Butterfield and I clicked and became total best friends ... over house music. He's a DJ too. — Dana Mathews
Bonus fact: Ansel was photographed inside Psycho's infamous Bates Motel. He was jamming to music on set, though, so he didn't seem too spooked.