Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 5 of TFIOS filming: Yerba mate tea, Wyck's bracelet, Dr.Seuss and more

It is now known that Shailene is a big fan of organic foods and tea. Today she shared her tea with John and maybe made him a lover of yerba mate tea.

Ben Richardson also shared a picture on his Instagram of Pittsburgh's sunrise

John also shared a picture of producer Wyck Godfrey proudly sporting his Esther Earl bracelet.

Check out the TSWGO Foundation's website and get the bracelet there or at DFTBA!

John and Shailene (and 8-year-old) bond over Dr. Seuss

Video was filmed by Laura Dern, who plays Hazel's mom, Frannie.

John and 8-year-old Instagram Video girl continue bonding and record a nice (and funny) video of John doing jumping jacks and reading.

Also today marks the end of the first week of filming and screenwriter Michael shared this picture in honor of that milestone.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 4 of TFIOS filming: John continues to cry, more BTS team members, and Allegiant as ransom

All week long John has been introducing crew members that work behind-the-scenes and are very important. Meet Emerick, recent college grad and Ansel Elgort's stand-in.
(SN: Ansel stop being all cute and cheesing while on set.)
Ansel Elgort is playing Augustus in the movie, but when lighting or setting up scenes, Ansel is often off getting makeup and stuff. That’s where his stand-in Emerick comes in. He stands (or sits) in the scene during the set up.
Emerick is a fan of The Fault in Our Stars and a recent college graduate who majored in electrical engineering. He’s doing this “to delay getting a real job.”
So am I, come to think of it.

John has also been shedding some tears while watching the TFIOS filming process. It makes us nervous thinking that if he is crying this much, what awaits us when we watch the movie?

John also let Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, know that she needs to pay a ransom to have her movie stars back.

Also John's Instagram Video adventures with 8-year-old continued

Director Josh Boone also revealed that there will be some Buffy in the movie? (omg omg omg)

Screenwriter Scott shared a picture of the "boys."
Left to Right: Wyck Godfrey(Producer), Michael Weber(Screenwriter), Scott Neustadter(screenwriter), Josh Boone(director), Issac Klausner(Producer) and John Green(Writer and creator of Augustus Waters)

A few lucky fan() got to take picturse with Shailene and John!

John Green talks TFIOS in interview with Zulkey

Please note: The interview is from before the start of filming!

Zulkey talked to John about the MTV Movie Awards, his homestate Alabama and TFIOS movie.

You said, "The girl behind The Devil Wears Prada is going to find out exactly what the devil wears when her time comes." But the joke's on you, John, because she came out with a sequel to the book. The question is, did you enjoy the movie, The Devil Wears Prada? And what's the most current update, large or small, on theFault In Our Stars movie?
I did like the movie! Why was I such a jerk to that woman? Why was I always so snarky about everyone? I wish her well with the sequel, and I will probably read it.
As for the TFiOS movie, it is supposed to start filming August 26th, so I guess it is really going to happen? I try not to get ahead of myself, and things could always fall apart, but at this point it looks very likely that they're at least going to film a movie, which is really exciting. I like all the people involved in the movie a lot, and they all seem to care very deeply about the book. It's been a wondrously positive experience, which is not something I can say about every time one of my books has attracted interest from Hollywood people.

We asked you guys who you would love to see as Peter Van Houten and you answered!

We asked people on twitter who they would love to see as Peter Van Houten and we got some really great names! Can't wait to see if the "real" Van Houten is among them!

Robin Williams: IIIIIII (7)

Paul Giamatti: IIIIII (6)
Jim Broadbent: IIII (4)

Ian McKellen: II (2)

Jack Nicholson: II (2)
Clint Eastwood: II (2)
Philip Seymour Hoffman: II (2)

Donald Sutherland
: I (1)
Mads Mikkelsen: I (1)
Peter Capaldi: I (1)
Leonardo DiCaprio: I (1)
Hugh Laurie: I (1)

Liam Neeson: I (1)
Mark Ruffalo: I (1)
Woody Harrelson: I (1)
Robert DeNiro: I (1)
Rutger Hauer: I (1)
Matt Berry: I (1)

Please notice that we are in no way affliated with the production or casting so we do not know anything about the real casting. Iur guess is as good as yours.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CASTING NEWS: We have our Patrick!!

John Green just announced on twitter that Mike Birbiglia will play Patrick (the ball-less Support Group Leader) in the TFIOS Movie! EXCITING!

John Green and Mike Birbiglia just had the great conversation about testicles

Day 3 of TFIOS Filming: Some New Team Members and a Sandwich

John Green introduced some new team members on his tumblr:

This is Kelley and Lee from the props team on the TFiOS film. They researched everything from Hazel’s oxygen tank to ambulance license plates.
Without spoiling anything, they used ideas and designs from young cancer survivors, tracked down or fabricated an astonishing variety of props, and generally made Hazel’s world look and feel real.

John played basketball with Ansel. Ansel won. 

Ansel apparently schooled John on his own book

John continued bonding with 8-year-old over Instagram video. Also it rained on set.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John on the movie set!

So, as we all know John is currently on the TFIOS Movie set and as promised he vlogged from the set! 

We get some Shailene, some Ansel (who paints miniatures), some Sam (with Laura Dern in the background?), some Wyck, some Scott and Michael, some Josh and lots of excited John!

New casting call: Extras needed for TFIOS

(we take no credit for the picture)

The Pittsburgh Film Office posted a new casting call in addition to the one seeking teens and young adults affected by cancer. Check it out:

People, 18 and older, needed as extras for various days on "The Fault in Our Stars." 
Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. 
Send your photo, age, location in an email to
Please specify if you have a car or a dog.

Good luck to everyone applying!

Hank Green talks TFIOSMovie in the latest Nerdfighteria Newsletter!

Hank Green talked TFIOS Movie in his latest newsletter and is being kind of really cute in his excitement!

Most importantly, of course, John is on the set of the filming of the adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars movie. He's tweeting and tumbling and instagraming regularly and I have his word that he is totally stressed out and deeply enjoying the experience. It seems like it's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to him, and I want you all to know that the early supporters of the book (of whom, probably the majority are on this email list) are the reason that the book has become so successful. The movie is being made because so many people have come to love the book. Thank you all for your support...I still can't believe that I am going to SIT DOWN IN A MOVIE THEATER AND WATCH THE FAULT IN OUR STARS OH MY GOD!

Day 2 of Filming: tears, the comeback of the chair and Shailene

Today John tweeted about crying with Shailene and Laura and that kind of made us cry.

Then he posted this and made us smile

He posted a picture of the front of his chair and it got us really excited. Again.

John also gets schooled on Instagram Video on TFIOS set by an eight year old. The future is now.

And a nerdfighter (@chromanobility) posted a picture of herself with John and of our Hazel!

 Josh Boone also shared a picture of the iPad case he (and John) got from Fox2000 as a gift in celebration of filming

John also shared a picture of him and production designer, Molly. 

Him and transportation captain, Frank (who said the book made him cry like a baby)!

Dormont-Brookline Patch shared a pictures of the TFIOS set
Photo credit: Barbara Bruni


John Green posts about the six things he learned today on set

John Green posted on his Tumblr about his experience on TFIOS movie set in Pittsburgh

Things I Learned Today
So The Fault in Our Stars movie started shooting today, which is amazing—so amazing, in fact, that I used the word amazing somewhere in the neighborhood of 41,000 times. Like:
1. It is amazing how many people are working on the movie, and how professional and organized they all are. There are like 100 people or something! It’s all amazingly efficient, and yet…
2. It’s amazing how much work goes into every single shot. These people work 12+ hours per day, and shoot at most a few scenes per day.
3. It’s amazing to watch good actors work, particularly young actors like Shailene and Ansel. How do they bring such nuance and depth to a performance? How can they understand these characters so deeply? It seems a little like wizardry to me.
4. The commitment to detail is amazing. I can’t wait until the movie comes out and I can be like, “LOOK AT [spoiler redacted]” and “DID YOU NOTICE THAT [spoiler redacted] IN HAZEL’S ROOM?”
5. It’s amazing how beautiful it all looks. Without getting into spoilers, the visual look of the movie—from the actors to the sets to the light—is very similar to a lot of what I imagined while writing, which is this very weird experience of feeling like your imagination has actually become visible. This is a very weird experience; maybe analogous to hallucination?
6. It’s amazing to think that the right people have come together at the right time with a very real shared passion for this story. I don’t know whether I have luck or providence to thank, but I am very grateful.
Check out the post on Tumblr

Ansel Elgort talks preparation for TFIOS

Ansel Elgort talked to Page to Premiere  at San Diego Comic Con about the preparation he went through to become Augustus Waters. Check out the interview below.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1 of Filming: John, Ansel, Sam and 2 chairs

John Green just posted a pic of his TFIOS chair on his tumblr! Check it out:

"This is my chair on

The Fault in Our Stars movie set.

I can’t believe this is happening, but cameras just started rolling.
I want you to know that everyone—and there are like a hundred people here—is working very hard to make this a great movie.
Yay wow yay wow."
Earlier today he also tweeted a picture of Phalanxifor, the invented drug that keeps Hazel's cancer from spreading:

"Guess where I am?! Can't believe it's all becoming real."


Check out pictures of Ansel's seat, and him with John and Sam


Shailene attends VMAs and talks about her new Hazel hair

Shailene Woodley attended the MTV VMAs last night and she talked to MTV about cutting her hair short and the exciting process.
"I feel lighter. I also feel strong."
Was she nervous when they cut it?
"No not nervous at all. So excited"
Her Divergent co-star Theo James then proceeded to compliment her new look.
She does look amazing with that Hazel hair. Check out the interview below

She also talked to People Magazine about her hair saying, "It’s really awesome because there’s no upkeep,” Woodley, 21, told PEOPLE about her new do. “It dries in two seconds and it’s nice not to spend a lot of time getting ready.”

Did she have any second thoughts about the big change? “Hell no!” she said enthusiastically. “I want to go shorter but I don’t think I’m allowed to.”
Really? So how short are we talking? “I want to go short like Natalie Portman in for Vendetta. That would be so cool and liberating.”

If you remember, Gus says Hazel looks like Natalie Portman in his favorite movie, V for Vendetta.

She also spoke to ABC News on the red carpet about her hair:

At last night’s MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, “Secret Life of the American Teenager” star Shailene Woodley, 21, showed off her new do – short, slicked back hair.

Woodley was always known for her long brunette waves, but she recently tweeted a pic of her locks coming off and “The Spectacular Now” star told ABC News, she couldn’t be happier with the new look.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s totally free. You get out of the shower, you wipe it down with a towel and it’s done.”

Woodley also posted via Tumblr that she had cut off her hair for a new movie role and donating it to Children With Hair Loss.

“I have the blessed gift of donating my long locks to a wonderful organization who will then create a wig for someone in need. WHAT AN HONOR,” she wrote.