Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Josh Boone answers a question about the TFIOS soundtrack

A tumblr user asked Josh on his tumblr to have "Neutral Milk Hotel" (songs: "Holland, 1945" & "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea") on the TFIOS soundtrack and Josh said, "One of my favorite albums and one of my favorite songs. I can't make any promises, but it's my intention to try."

Check out the songs UNDER THE CUT:

Josh Boone posts pictures of signs in TFIOS office in Pittsburgh, Richardson of the script

Director Josh Boone posted pictures of the production office signs on his tumblr. Looks like Pittsburgh is getting ready.
It's also the reappearance of the logo. We can't wait to see if this is maybe the official one?

Our cinematographer, Ben Richardson, also posted a picture of the TFIOS script on his twitter.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nat Wolff visits UCLA cancer center

Nat Wolff visited the UCLA cancer center and tweeted about his experience: 'Met so many amazing people. We wanna make sure fault in our stars honors them.' 

We're so glad everyone involved works on honoring them with such dedication.

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Shailene Woodley confirms she is cutting her hair to play Hazel

During The Spectacular Now press junket, Shailene Woodley confirmed to Up and Comers, that she is indeed chopping all of her hair in two weeks to play Hazel Grace. Filming starts on August 26.

She also mentioned it in an interview with veryaware, saying she tried on wigs to see what length they want to cut it.

Q: Are you going to cut your hair for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS?
SW: I am. I tried on wigs yesterday to see what length we want to do it and I’m going to cut it in two weeks.


Source / 2

Josh Boone posts pictures of Pittsburgh & engages in cute Convo with Nat and John on Twitter

Josh Boone posted 2 pictures of Pittsburgh (where he is currently prepping for TFIOS) on his tumblr, commenting them with "Beautiful Pittsburgh!"


He appeared to be in the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital doing research for TFIOS, one amazing fan on twitter found out

John also teased about Josh sending him TFIOS prep info.

Josh, Nat Wolff (Isaac) and John Green also engaged in a very cute convo on twitter. 

John's, Nat's and Josh's twitter

Saturday, July 27, 2013

John Green and Josh Boone share their thoughts on Shailene's TFIOS audition on tumblr

Josh Boone reblogged a gifset from Shailene's MTV interview in which she shortly talks about her TFIOS audition, commenting it with "I LOVED what she did."

John Green reblogged it again saying "Also loved what she did. She made me cry, and TFIOS-related things basically never make me cry, on account of how I know what's going to happen and everything."

With Josh and John constantly gushing about Shailene's audition, we can't wait to see how she is as Hazel Grace.

Find the original post on John Green's or Josh Boone's tumblr to reblog.

Wyck Godfrey mentions TFIOS with Collider

TFIOS producer talks TFIOS at Comic Con. He says he is heading to Pittsburgh "next week" (note: interview took place last weekend). 

Starts at 7:00.

Josh Boone answers two FAQs on his Tumblr

We've been getting a lot of questions on Twitter about the release date of the film and location information. Thankfully TFIOS director, Josh Boone, answered them on his Tumblr.

Like we guessed before, it is hard to predict a release date for TFIOS without having principal photography done. We thank Josh for taking the time to answer these questions. 

source: joshboonemovies

Friday, July 26, 2013

Nat Wolff is already prepping for TFIOS

Nat Wolff, our Isaac, just revealed on twitter that he is already prepping for TFIOS. Check out his tweet below.

Shailene Woodley talks TFIOS and Ansel Elgort with MTV

Shailene calls her co-star Ansel Elgort and our Augustus a "special dude" and a "nugget of life". She says Ansel blew everyone away at the audition and she talks a bit about the audition process they went through.

She also raves about TFIOS book saying she would have done anything to be a part of the movie, even if she was an extra.

She says the most important part is that they "actively listen to each other" and that way everything will evolve perfectly. She also mentions that they've already done some hospital visits and will continue to do them.

Check out the rest of the interview in which she talks about her latest movie The Spectacular Now at the source.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ben Richardson shares picture of his office in Pittsburgh

TFIOS cinematographer Ben Richardson posted a picture of his office in Pittsburgh on his Instagram. This may be our first look at a possible logo?

Josh Boone shared a similar picture last week. Looks like everyone's working really hard!

Josh Boone answers question about the script and shooting schedule

Our director Josh Boone answered some questions on his tumblr about the script, saying it is "filled almost entirely with beautiful quotes from the book" and about the filming schedule, saying they'll go to Amsterdam in October.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shailene Woodley talks TFIOS with Huffington Post Live

Shailene is currently promoting her latest movie 'The Spectacular Now' and stopped by the Huffington Post to talk about it. 

She talks about John Green, saying "he's a genius" and that she wrote him a lengthy email saying she's "obsessed with this book" and saying she "would do anything to be a part of it.".

She also says the script contains "lots of truth".

(please credit us if you take the video)

TFIOS screenwriters talk about TFIOS and The Spectacular Now

The screenwriters of "The Spectacular Now" and "The Fault In Our Stars," Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter talked to fansites like Page To Premiere about adapting both films for screen, having Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller act out their words and more.

They spoke briefly about TFIOS:

You guys also wrote the screenplay for The Fault in Our Stars and I was wondering since you saws Shailene Woodley work with you’re The Spectacular Now script did you write The Fault in Our Stars script in part to play into Shailene’s strengths?
Writers: No. She was a big fan of the book and our script. It seemed like there was a false story going around that it was predetermined that she was going to be Hazel Grace but she actually did audition and beat out a couple hundred people! I’m not even sure we had met Shailene when we wrote the script for The Fault in Our Stars. It’s great. We love that we are working with her again. She’s fantastic but TFIOS script credit is obviously to an amazing book.
Writers: We have been really lucky. We have been doing this run of adaptations and whether it’s Tim Tharp with The Spectacular Now or John Green with The Fault in Our Stars they have all been very supportive and open to what we are doing.

Check out the rest of the insightful interview at

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Josh Boone is currently location scouting in Pittsburgh

He informed us on twitter saying "In a van location scouting with TFIOS team!"

Cast, Crew and John Green react to the casting of Nat Wolff and Laura Dern

John Green to Nat Wolff "You are so great! I am so excited!"

John Green reacts by congratulating Nat and Laura and explaining "I know a lot of you wanted me to play Hazel's mom. I did, too. But when a brilliant Academy Award-nominated actress is interested...yeah."
Screenplay writer Scott Neustadter answered "We tried. @realjohngreen from the screenplay: "Hazel's Mom (tall, brown hair, glasses, male)..."

To which John Green replied "That made me actually laugh out loud."

 Ansel Elgort tweets "Congrats to my main man @natandalex!! I can't wait to start filming! #tfios"

Nat Wolff replies "We're gonna tear Pittsburg up."

Josh Boone commented on his tumblr:

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Casting Update: Nat Wolff as Isaac - Laura Dern as Hazel's mother

After Nat Wolff himself hinted so in a previous interview with MTV, it's now for sure that he's been cast as Isaac. Also, Laura Dern has joined the cast as Hazel's mother - exciting!
Here's what Hypable reports:
"Actor Nat Wolff and actress Laura Dern are joining The Fault in Our Stars movie based on the book by John Green.
Wolff will play Isaac, Augustus’ best friend. The actor had hinted at his involvement with the film several weeks ago. He is no stranger to working with director Josh Boone; he starred in his first movie Stuck in Love which hit theaters last month. Wolff had originally auditioned to play Gus..
Dern will play Hazel’s mother. The actress most recently starred in HBO’s Enlightened, which we were sorry to see get canceled after season 2."

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ben Richardson (cinematographer) is headed to Pittsburgh for TFIOS

Ben Richardson, TFIOS' cinematographer, just tweeted that he is on his way to Pittsburgh right now to prep for TFIOS. He also included a TFIOS quote in his tweet as well as a video of clouds (which you can check out on his instagram) :


We're definitely wishing you loads of fun, Ben, and can't wait to see the end-result.

Friday, July 19, 2013

John Green mentions TFIOS movie in his latest vlogbrothers video

He says he is NOT making the movie (he is only the author of the book) BUT he thinks it's going to be a "very good movie". 

We do too!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shailene Woodley mentions TFIOS in recent interview with InterviewMagazine

Actress Emma Stone, who was in New York, connected by phone one late spring night with the 21-year-old Woodley in Chicago, where she was shooting Divergent, to discuss her graduation from Secret Life, her quickly expanding oeuvre, and the challenges of growing up, acting out, and coming of age—both on-screen and off.

STONE: It’s an L.A. issue. [both laugh] You now have three other movies in the works—White Bird in a Blizzard, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent—and they’re all very different from one another and are of different genres. How do you feel about being involved in all of these incredibly different projects?
WOODLEY: Well, you and I have talked before about having this fear of being the same person in every movie and this insecurity about playing the same role over and over again. So hearing you say that these films all sound so different makes me feel better about the fact that I won’t be the same person in every movie. I mean, I got to do Spectacular Now, which was super-indie. Then I got to do White Bird in a Blizzard, which is a crazy Gregg Araki movie where there was some minor nudity and some scenes that are very provocative. It’s darker than some of the other films that I’ve done. Then Divergent, which is based on a young-adult novel, is the first action movie I’ve done. Yesterday, I was tied to a post waving a stick with fire on the end of it in the air. [laughs] And then The Fault in Our Stars is the film I’m doing next, and I’m very excited about that one because it’s based on one of my favorite books [the 2012 novel by John Green].

You can read the rest of the interview on

Monday, July 15, 2013

Josh Boone shares picture of his "office" in Pittsburgh

The Fault In Our Stars' movie director, Josh Boone, has arrived in Pittsburgh and has started preparation for filming, which officially starts on August 26. He shared a picture of his workspace on Tumblr, which includes various copies of The Fault In Our Stars book, other John Green novels, The One Trick Rip-Off & Deep Cuts by Paul Pope, The Filmmaker's Eye by Gustavo Mercado and more. He also has an iPod, which makes us curious on what he is listening to while he gets back into his director mindset.

What would you listen to prep for the TFIOS movie?

We are so excited. We hope Josh continues to share pictures of his TFIOS adventures.
Remember to follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Josh Boone confirmed a few scenes from the book that are in the script on his twitter

Our director (who is traveling to Pittsburgh TODAY YAY) gave us a little insight into a few scenes the script entails by repling to a mikkasaurus on twitter. EXCITING.

So the scene Isaac destroys his Basketball trophys (Augustus' 'That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt' quote is in that scene), the scene in which Hazel and Gus come up with slogans for selling Hazel's swing set, Amsterdam and Gus' prefuneral are in the script!

Which other scenes do you think HAVE to be in the movie?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hypable talks TFIOS in their latest podcast

Hypable talks TFIOS (movie and book) in their latest podcast. You can listen to it here (starts around 35 min). 

They talk about why they think TFIOS will not flop, how it is the start of a new contemporary film wave and the amazing team it has. They also discuss the possible 2015 release date (said they reached out to FOX about that but received no reply).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Josh Boone traveling to Pittsburgh this Saturday (July 13th) to start prepping for TFIOS

Josh Boone (director of the movie) revealed on his twitter and tumblr that prepping for TFIOS starts this Saturday in Pittsburgh!!

We are SO excited. Seems like it's finally starting!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars to be released in 2015?

Earlier today the Pittsburgh Film Office, the non-profit organization that helps filmmakers film in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania, confirmed to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that TFIOS filming will start on August 26.

The article also stated that TFIOS is the first movie to be filmed in Pittsburgh this year and will keep the film industry in Southwest Pennsylvania thriving.

However, according to the article, the release date for TFIOS is slated for the year 2015. Is it true? Well Wyck Godfrey, producer of TFIOS, has hinted before that they are hoping for a 2014 release date.

An exact release date is difficult to pinpoint, especially before filming has even started. Rumors will fly, but until we have confirmation, all we know is that TFIOS fans are ready to see the film whenever it opens.

Source/ via Hypable.

Ansel Elgort shares picture of his TFIOS audition sides

The Fault In Our Stars' very own Augustus Waters, Ansel Elgort, shares a picture of his audition sides on Instagram.

This makes us really excited for filming which starts next month. Right?