Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ansel livestream celebrates 100,000 Twitter followers

On Tuesday evening Ansel conducted a livestream in honor of his 100,000 Twitter followers. He talked about his music and Ansolo, Divergent, living in New York City and The Fault in our Stars. Here are some highlights:

Filming in Amsterdam: Ansel stated that filming TFIOS in Amsterdam was great and beautiful. They had one hard scene but the rest was strolls around the city and its famous canals.

Upcoming Projects: Ansel reveal that he has two new films he has signed onto, but he can't reveal too much. One will start filming in December/January, just right before promo for Divergent starts. Insurgent will begin filming right after Divergent premieres. The second unknown project will start filming late 2014.

Working on TFIOS: He said that TFIOS has been the best project he has worked on so far in his career. TFIOS is his favorite book. He said that being able to work with Shailene in another project was awesome because she is a great actress. Working with Nat Wolff was another highlight of TFIOS for Ansel. He said working with Nat was a lot of fun. He also was amazed that he got to work with Willem Dafoe, who was cool.  

Cool fact: Josh Boone, director who in the editing process, told Ansel that he is very happy with what he has seen so far of the movie.

TFIOS in Gus POV: Although there is no plans to write TFIOS from Gus' point of view, Ansel said that it would be awesome if John Green ever decided to write it. John apparently learned a lot about Augustus Waters when he saw Ansel as Gus because John had never had to think about Gus' backstory and POV.

Ansel ended the live stream by thanking his 100,000 Twitter followers. He said that he never though 100,000 people would care about Ansel Elgort.

Check out the video below! Thanks to @JordanSheedy. via @LadyofErudite 

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