Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TFIOS Reaction Post

Since we're pretty much blown away by the trailer we decided to make a reaction post, trying to convey how we feel (through gifs, because words do not suffice).

So we're simply going to list the things we love about the trailer

no it's not

1. The first thing we really ADORE is how nearly every line is taken directly from the book.

We all know that wasn't really a necessity and is a really hard thing to accomplish but it seems like they really nailed that. All hail Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber, the screenwriters.

2. How it leaves you in the dark.

haha no.

Like in the book you don't anticipate how it ends. Poor non-readers.


get out

lemme hug you

4. It doesn't center around cancer. It's NOT a cancer story.


The cancer is a side-effect. The STORY is not about cancer but about two young people being in love and that's what the trailer is about.

5. How real it looks.

100% agreed

We don't just mean real in the sense of "Wow, those are real people," (Shailene and Ansel truly bring these characters to life), but their skin looks natural, the colors look amazing (round of applause for Ben), the emotions feel real, etc etc.

Also there is a lot of blue and it stands out. LOVE THAT.

6. The humor.

stop stop stop stop don't stop

The angst is there. And it doesn't leave. But just like in the book it is interrupted by humor. We can't deny that one of the reasons we love this book is the witty, sarcastic, humorous banter that goes on between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters.

7. The details.

nothing is okay. nothing.

Hello things you only get if you've read the book. Hello Rik Smits jersey and orange blanket and orange dutch tulips. Hello swing-set. Hello Hectic Glow Poster. Hello "OKAY." Hello bench of doom in Amsterdam.

8. When Gus flops down on that bed? COME ON NOW.


Ansel makes that flop look very pretty *cough*.

9. The friendship.

clothes. feels. hurts. 

I mean obviously Hazel and Gus are adorable but can we talk about Hazel and Gus and Isaac (please just look at the cute of Nat Wolff)?

10. Gus, our baby.

this is not ok

oh god no. last good day. out.


We think Ansel really nailed it. He has the sass and the deep thoughts and the vulnerability. Ansel, all the high fives from us. All the high fives.

11. Mama Bear.

Mama Lancaster. Laura Dern. Tears.

12. The music. And when the music stopped.


13. Full Circle.

We love the voiceover and more importantly, we love how the trailer told Gus and Hazel's full story. If you knew what to look for. A+, Josh, A+.

So basically, we love every. freaking. second of that trailer. FRENCH THE LLAMA it was good.  Thank you to everyone who works so hard on this!

Make sure to share everything you loved in the comments below.

P.S. We didn't make any of those gifs. They were made by some really talented people on tumblr and if it's true you should find the source when you click on them. 


  1. Shai and Ansel nailed it! Ansel is the perfect Gus ♥ I'm just concerned when we will see the movie in Ecuador, we don't have date for premiere yet :(

    1. I agree. Shailene and Ansel are Hazel and Gus. Hopefully more international release dates are announced soon.

  2. P.S: I'm crying already

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  4. extremely perfect post

  5. Nothing to add to your great post. Now I'm gonna watch the trailer over and over until the release in Spain. Okay?