Thursday, July 10, 2014

DVD Release Dates

TFIOS will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD September 16th!

*Updated release dates*
(some may not be 100% accurate since dates tend to vary)

US - September 16, 2014
UK - November 3, 2014
Canada - September 16, 2014
Germany - October 10, 2014
Australia - November 12, 2014


Special Editions

Standard DVD

Theatrical Cut Audio Commentary by Josh Boone and John Green, Promotional Featurettes: The Cast, The Making of The Fault In Our Stars, The Transformation, Literature to Life, Our Little Infinity, The Music Behind Our Stars, and a Gallery.

Audio commentary with Josh Boone and John Green, six deleted scenes (including commentary), The Stars Align: Book to Screen, and the DVD features.

Includes a fabric poster of Hazel and Gus in Amsterdam (as seen below).

In addition to a gorgeous cover, this edition includes an infinity bracelet (with a preorder!) as well as the extended cut, thirty-two minutes of extra content: six promotional featurettes, six deleted scenes, and The Stars Align: Book to Screen.

Thanks to Hypable for the tip 1 / 2!