Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ansel & Shailene talk Divergent, TFIOS and more with US Weekly

In the US Weekly's Divergent Special from February 28th, there's an interview with Ansel Elgort talking TFIOS, turn-ons/turn-offs and more.

You can read the full interview when you click on the scan, but for now, here are the parts where he talks about TFIOS:

In TFIOS (out on June 6), you and Shailene play two teen cancer patients who fall in love. But right before that...
We were playing brother and sister in Divergent. Yeah, I know. [Laughs.] That's the beauty of acting! It's not like when we were filming TFIOS, she had her Dauntless outfit on. I didnt think, Hey, you're Beatrice!

When did you find out you'd be playing Shailene's love interest?
Midway through Divergent. I was like, "Word, I'm going to work with you again!" But it was kind of weird.

Why is that?
I think Shailene initially didn't want to get too close to me before I auditioned for TFIOS. It'd create an unlevel playing field. But then after my screen test, she fought for me. She thought I did the best! And it helped, because then we knew we'd be hanging for a while.

And by hanging, you mean...
Hanging out at her apartment, letting her do her thing. She'd cook some weird, cool food, and I'd play her my music and give her some of my songs.

Speaking of, it seems you've had onscreen love affairs with all your costars! First, with Miles Teller in last year's The Spectacular Now - and now with Ansel Elgort in this summer's The Fault in Our Stars.
Every person is so different, you can't compare them. Miles is my rock, my buddy. We'd tease each other: He'd say "Shai, you have tabbouleh breath!" And I'd be like, "You have Gatorade breath!" And because Ansel and I were about to do The Fault in Our Stars, we felt comfortable on the Divergent set.

Thanks DivergentsUK for the HQ scans!

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