Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TFIOS screening at 20th Century Fox Lot

John Green and Josh Boone shared pictures of the screening at the 20th Century Fox lot. This may have been a very important screening with Fox executives.
Typically, film screenings on studio lots are crucial in the filmmaking process. As a film studio, 20th Century Fox, has the ability to change aspects of a film (anything that they don't approve of for marketing or otherwise reasons). Keep in mind that the relationship between film producers and the studio all depends on the contracts involved with the various creative heads working on the film. 
From John's overt enthusiasm to the immensely positive reactions at the test screenings, it's fair to say that we, as fans, do not have anything to worry about. Studio lot screenings are a fun and exciting time for all those involved with the film. Judging from Ansel's livestream yesterday, the studio executives are loving what they're seeing. Through their tears, of course.

Check out the pictures below.
John wrote: "Just saw #tfiosmovie again. EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST TIME."

Josh Boone went on tumblr and shared this picture and wrote:
"Screened TFIOS today on the Fox lot. John Green was present. Feels were felt."

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