Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cast, Crew and John Green react to the casting of Nat Wolff and Laura Dern

John Green to Nat Wolff "You are so great! I am so excited!"

John Green reacts by congratulating Nat and Laura and explaining "I know a lot of you wanted me to play Hazel's mom. I did, too. But when a brilliant Academy Award-nominated actress is interested...yeah."
Screenplay writer Scott Neustadter answered "We tried. @realjohngreen from the screenplay: "Hazel's Mom (tall, brown hair, glasses, male)..."

To which John Green replied "That made me actually laugh out loud."

 Ansel Elgort tweets "Congrats to my main man @natandalex!! I can't wait to start filming! #tfios"

Nat Wolff replies "We're gonna tear Pittsburg up."

Josh Boone commented on his tumblr:

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