Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Josh Boone talks to Collider about TFIOS casting

TFIOS director Josh Boone recently talked to Collider about his first movie 'Stuck in Love' and also answered a few questions about TFIOS. Check out the rest of the very interesting interview at the source!!

Collider: Now that you’re set to start production on The Fault in Our Stars, are you getting more excited or nervous about shooting that?

BOONE: I can’t wait! That’s the fun part. Writing, for me, is the part that I dread. I really enjoy the process where you dream up the script. When I actually get in the room and have to write, I just want to get the hell out of that room. I go every day and try to write my way out of that room, so that I can go work with the actors. The part that’s fun is going and hanging out with everybody, and making a movie.

Collider: Audiences are getting more and more familiar with Shailene Woodley and what she’s capable of, as an actress. But, what was it about her that caught your attention and made you want her for the film?  

BOONE: She was the first person that made me cry. I’d seen so many girls, and I was just really moved. I knew within maybe a minute and a half, after she started doing it. I had met her and had a dinner with her, and she was the nicest, most outgoing, coolest person, but I was like, “She doesn’t really seem like Hazel.” But then, she came in and she was Hazel. She was a completely different person, with the physicality and everything. It was pretty amazing to see. I was just blown away by her.

Collider: How challenging was it to then find an actor to play Augustus, opposite her?

BOONE: That was really challenging, and that involved a lot of chemistry reads between her and a lot of different guys to find the right combo that really felt like it worked.

Collider: What do you feel most excited about, in getting to bring that story to the screen for people? 

BOONE: I’m bringing a lot of music to the table. When I went to Fox to pitch my take on the movie, I brought a lot of music and a lot of song cues for specific moments, and I brought a lot of photographs in from photographers that I really like, that I thought captured the tone of the piece. I just love all of it. I told Scott [Neustadter] and Michael [Weber], who wrote the script and wrote 500 Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now that Shailene is in, that they did the hard part for me. I get to go do the fun part.   

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