Thursday, March 13, 2014

Master Post: Divergent Promo

As you may know our Gus and Hazel not only star in The Fault in Our Stars together, but also in Divergent, which is released on March 21st. The promo for Divergent is going strong so we decided to make a master post. 

Under the cut you can find interviews, magazine scans and more.



Ansel Interview in Total Film

Thanks to Gossipgyal

Ansel for The Hollywood Reporter 

Thanks to Gossipgyal

Ansel for The Rolling Stone

from Ansel's instagram / Gossipgyal

Shailene for Teen Vogue

Shailene for The Hollywood Reporter

Check out the amazing interview at DivergentLife

Divergent's EW & People covers


Full stories at our affliate DivergentFaction: 1 / 2

Shailene on Marie Claire Magazine

 Shailene for Into The Gloss

Video Interviews

This is a selection of the interviews we thought to be the funniest/best or during which The Fault in our Stars was mentioned. For the rest of the interviews head over to DivergentFaction or Divergentlife

Theo and Shailene on the Today Show

 Shailene on Live with Michael & Kelly 


Shailene and Theo on BT Toronto


Ansel's Screenslam interview 

Find Shailene's screenslam interview here

 Ansel whistles his favourite TV Show theme


Shailene tells a joke and Theo raps


 Shailene's and Theo's interview for ET (answering fan questions)


 Shailene and Theo play "Yes, No or Meh" 

 Great interviews for Conn TV (check all 6 of them out here)


 Shailene and Theo on The Morning Show Toronto


 Ansel and Veronica on Emotional Mojo


 Shailene and Theo talk to Kiss 92.5 

 Ansel talks to MTV's Josh Horowitz 

 Shailene's and Theo's very funny Unlock Divergent MTV interviews (rest of them here)


Shailene talks some about TFIOS in this one

Shailene's interview with the Daily Beast

For more interviews go to either DivergentLife or DivergentFaction

Press Conferences


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