Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shailene reveals she lost weight for TFIOS

Shailene Woodley is in the middle of promoting Divergent, along with her TFIOS co-star Ansel. In a Q&A with, she reveals she lost a couple of pounds for TFIOS in order to look like a teenager with cancer:
When you're trying to lose 5 pounds, what's the first thing that goes and why?
"I eat what my body wants me to eat, when it wants me to eat -- I listen to it. I haven't ever really 'lost weight,' but for my role in the movie The Fault in Our Stars, I played a girl with cancer and had to lose some. I didn't diet, but ate smaller portions and it actually felt really healthy."
In the Q&A, Shailene also talks about her clean eating habits, exercise, supporting women's rights and health.  Check out the entire interview at WebMD.

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