Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 6 of filming: Support group and visitors on set


Ansel shares a picture of Nat Wolff "doing his photoshoot" for TFIOS

Ansel also continues on his quest to make us all fall in love with him and his excitement for the role!

Ben Richardson posted a picture of his alarm!

Andrew Sims from Hypable tweeted about visiting the set!
DCA ✈️ PIT. Anyone want to guess what movie set I'm heading to? One involving a literal heart of Jesus.


Some websites and blogs visited the movie set. They were able to observe support group scenes and others being filmed. Visitors were able to see the set dynamic and cast and crew interact. They also spoke to John and others and asked fan questions. These websites are embargoed (aka can not post their final experience write-up) until next year. We will post as soon as it allowed to.

Reunited with @shailenewoodley and @natandalex at the #tfiosmovie. Nat and I trying to look cool. Shai just is cool.
Today Mike Birbiglia, who will play ball-less Patrick, was on set and they couldn't get his name on his director chair correct. lol
Just arrived on set of Fault in Our Stars and this is my chair. Thanks, @realjohngreen.

Hey , there's a fault in my chair.

Just a video of Nat and Ansel being their usual adorable selves inside their trailer. 

Deb (@cameragirlpgh): @realjohngreen Keeping track of ALL cameras on set today :-) #NoCameraAmberAlertToday

Beth (@bethbadass), a Support Group Member, shared this picture of the Support Group with John, Shailene and Nat.

John shared a similar picture.
The awesome support group cast with and .
John shared this picture of Henry, his son, on set. He was able to witness movie magic the same way his dad has been doing for the past six weeks. Adorable.
Henry enjoys watching the #tfiosmovie too!
The TFIOS set visit giveaway winner shared two pictures of her trip.
okay? okay.
so nice meeting you yesterday! You are truly an inspiration,I hope Kate gets to meet you soon!


Multiple news outlets are also visiting the set today. Here are some tweets of the people on set!







John shared a pic him getting a massage from Tanner, whose leg will be Gus's prosthetic leg in the movie.

Excellent morning massage from @primerimejr1, whose leg is playing Gus's leg in the #tfiosmovie.
Tanner also has a nice tattoo that impressed John.
I previously identified Tanner incorrectly. He is @primetimejr1, and look at this badass tattoo of Atlas with a prosthetic leg.
 During Ansel's live stream a few weeks ago, Ansel and John talked about how they would use footage of another person's cool prosthetic and then, using CGI, morph it to Ansel's body.

John also shared a picture of another support group member. Meet Joshua.
On the #tfiosmovie set with @joshuapotter17. I've had so much fun hanging out with everyone from our fictional support group.
The Literal Heart of Jesus support group extras wrapped today.
Ansel shared the most beautiful people who participated in the support group.
Last day of support group today! Such an awesome crew thank u all for being a part of this film. #tfiosmovie
Cinematographer Ben shared his notes on shooting the support group scenes. I guess cinematography is more complicated than just pointing the camera and pressing record lol.
Big morning at the office.

Today was also Tanner's last day on set.
@anselelgort: @Primetimejr1 last day on set! W @johngreenwritesbooks and @natandalex
Nat, Ansel, Ben and Ansel's brother, Warren played pool to unwind from a day of filming.

Meanwhile, John, Sarah, Wyck and Mike Birbiglia attended the Pirates' first playoff game.
Let's go Pirates! Got tickets to the 1-game playoff. Living the dream with @swusug. #tfiosmovie
Also best photobomb lol RT : BUCTOBER! Sorry I am really into this. Pirates up 5-1 in the sixth.


Interview from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with an exclusive interview with John Green was published.

It was onesie day for the crew on set. John shared a couple of pictures.
It's onesie Wednesday on the #tfiosmovie set and @intheklutch is all in. He's even doing the voice.
Onesie Wednesday with the #tfiosmovie crew: @intheklutch, @euromandy, @ginalamonica @beckwitha10 @mialamonica, @jodixox2


Thursday was Nat's last day on set. The next step for him to wait for post-production and then promo. So sad to see him go and watch filming start wrapping. However this means that we are getting closer to the moment when our own eyes will see TFIOS movie.

We can't wait for this duo to get back together during TFIOS promo.
@natandalex: Photobomber

Sam Trammell aka Hazel's dad is back in Pittsburgh. He bought John a very nice drink during cast and crew dinner.
The ridiculously beautiful Old Fashioned just bought me. Better than ones stirred with a Dora spoon.
The brilliant tells a story to cast and crew. One of the funniest stories I've ever heard.
We'll miss our Isaac.


Another all nighter for the remaining cast and crew. From Friday around 10 p.m. to early Saturday morning, scenes were being filmed at a local Pittsburgh hospital. With filming coming to a close, we are bracing ourselves from the silence that will come during the editing and post-production.
Late night makeup trailer #tfiosmovie
Fans that visited the set posted these pictures on social media.

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