Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 4 of filming: A cameo and a metaphor


John is still on set and keep showering us with amazing pictures!

John posted a picture of himself and his wife Sarah on set of the movie

He also shared an image of a few extras who also happen to be nerdfighters

 Nat and Ansel on set

Curtis (part of film crew) shared this picture of the camera and crane used today for filming.

Josh Horowitz from MTV also did his exclusive interviews with cast and crew on set.

Ansel and Nat are also having fun off set. They had a "pool" party.


Filming took place in an airport in Pittsburgh. They filmed the scene with Hazel, Gus and Frannie on their way to Amsterdam. John's cameo will take place in the airport.

John Green finds himself in the make-up trailer preparing for his cameo appearance

He also introduces us to cute, little Sophie.

And posts a picture of graffiti at the Pittsburgh airport.


John posted a picture of the set on instagram saying "Making the #tfiosmovie. It's a construction site, but a very beautiful one. Picture stolen from @abnicho."
#vscocam #tfios - @abnicho

Ansel shared an image of cinematographer Ben Richardson

Just watching Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern be brilliant. I wish I could show you that, but no spoilers! #tfiosmovie

The angelic Shailene Woodley brought a miraculous food truck to the set of the . Delicious tofu dog!!


Two fanpictures of Ansel and Shailene being adorable!

Cinematographer Ben Richardson posted a picture of himself on instagram!

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