Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Green talks about TFIOS, filming and the cast on his live show

John G. - hangouts by mf_var

You can find a recap of all the things related to TFIOS,  filming and the cast after the CUT!

  1. He just wants the actors to capture and to understand the character, that's what matters.
  2. Gus' blue eyes were useful to John as a writer, but only in language. He doesn't care which colour they have in the movie.
  3. He wanted to see a round face for Hazel and that's what has :)
  4. He thinks he's not the kind of writer who could write "An Imperial Affliction".
  5. He wants everyone to see with Shailene aka our Hazel, so go see it if you have the chance to!
  6. He isn't allowed to say if all the roles have been cast ;)
  7. "It's so much fun hanging out with Ansel & Shailene, they're getting along great!" - John :)
  8. John's really looking forward to the scene at the Anne Frank House :)
  9. . doesn't decide on the soundtrack, it's ' decision
  10. "Everyone who's working on the movie, has read the book. Everyone. (...) it feels so magical." <3
  11. The movie set looks more like a construction site, not like a glamorous place as imagined ;)
  12. They haven't scheduled a release date for the TFIOS movie yet, "it's a small movie", says John :)
  13. . says it was very weird but powerful to see all of the main cast together on the monitors on the first day on set
  14. John says he's grateful for Brazilian nerdfighters because thanks to them TFIOS is the #1 bestseller in Brazil!

Hopefully John will do another live chat next week...maybe even on set? ;)

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