Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 2 of filming: Missing John, Isaac on set, egg revenge and DFTBA

Ansel and the rest of the cast got ready for another week of filming after a long Labor Day weekend.


Tuesday started off with a bit of sadness because John is no longer on set for filming (which means fewer updates from set since everyone is working hard.).

Frank, TFIOS Transportation captain who was featured in John's tumblr, shared this picture of him and another crew member on set.


Ansel shared a picture of the foggy Pittsburgh sunrise

Took this beautiful pic just now #sunrise #mist

 Nat Wolff started filming.
First day selfie

Eggs were thrown, meaning the scene where Issac gets revenge on Monica, his ex-girlfriend, was filmed Wednesday afternoon

and John responded.

On Wednesday night it was revealed that Emily Bach will be playing Monica's mom.

and she shared her experience on TFIOS set on her blog


 Producer Wyck Godfrey tweeted this picture from set of a squirrel with a cigarette. Guess the squirrel didn't get the memo of Augustus's metaphor.

 Camera assistant, Curtis Abbott shared this picture of the camera on TFIOS set

Later that evening Ansel and Nat tweeted one of the Augustus's iconic quotes.


Ansel shared a couple of pictures from set.

Also cinematographer Ben Richardson shares a very interesting (funny) conversation.

TFIOS fan Janet Gates(@swimsport123) shared this picture of a John Green signed poster in Pittsburgh.
"Thanks for being awesome, Oakmont."


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