Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 7 of filming: Saying goodbye to Pittsburgh


Emily Peachy, who plays Monica, shared this picture of her, Shailene and Ansel.
Last night was so fun !


Frank, the awesome transportation captain, tweeted.

Filming was done is a local Barnes and Noble. John shared this picture. We like him.
Eh, he's okay. (From A Barnes and Noble where the #tfiosmovie is being filmed.)
Wade Ferrari, part of camera crew posted this picture.

John also shared another Instagram video with 8-year-old.
"Mr. Sneeze. From my Instagram video series Instagramming with an eight year old."

Frank also shared this picture of hair and makeup workers and John.
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On set! Without giving anything away! Our Hair and Make-Up ladies... & look who is on the phone! It's
Rain-making machines were used today in filming. Wonder which scene need a lot of rain? The crew was on the move today.
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Today we make rain! things getting hectic! 3 mini-moves and a full company move before lunch!  
John shared a picture of him and Lily who plays young Hazel in the movie. She shaved her entire head for the role. Talk about dedication.
With Lily (aka young Hazel) on the set of The Fault in Our Stars.
With Lily (aka young Hazel) on the set of The Fault in Our Stars.
After a livestream Ansel did for Carrie the movie, the cast and crew went out to dinner. Ansel took this picture of John.
@johngreenwritesbooks looks like a mere mortal without his glasses


Filming took place at a studio today. Green screen was used. (Hint: Inside Anne Frank)
John: Real movie green screen! So fancy. Two stories high! #tfiosmovie

Ansel shared this picture of the studio.
Movie world! #tfiosmovie
John is also getting ready to say goodbye to filming.

Cinematographer Ben wore a harness for filming. Really cool.
Cinematographer Ben Richardson, bionic human. #tfiosmovie
John and Ansel took some selfies.
Taking a selfie of @anselelgort taking a selfie. #tfiosmovie

The selfie that was took during @johngreenwritesbooks picture... That's so meta duuuuuuude
Sam Trammel who plays Hazel's father wrapped today.
Then disaster struck on set and Wade Ferrari posted a funny post-it.

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Disaster strikes the set.

John got a haircut from hair dressers Nancy on set.
Just got my hair cut by hairdresser to the stars Nancy. #tfiosmovie

Shailene and Ansel catered a burger and milkshake food truck for cast and crew.

Crew got really excited.
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The hardworking members of 249 waiting for a milkshake behind their fearless leader
John Green gave the limited edition TFIOS to crew.
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Maybe the coolest gift ever. Limited Edition, Signed TFiOS. Thank you
John shared a very special calender note.


Wednesday was John Green's last day on set of TFIOS. Sadly, it appears he will not be going to Amsterdam. We will forever be grateful for his effort to keep all nerdfighters informed on TFIOS through social media. He was able to excite us more (how is that even possible?) and fall in love with every person involved in TFIOS.

Today the interior shots of Amsterdam dinner were filmed. Wyck and Ben shared hints.
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Barry Lyndoning the lighting on today.

John had the sweet pea sorbet that Augustus and Hazel ate.

@AnselElgort: #tfios sound guyz album cover.
John and Shailene took a couple of selfies and shared them on his Tumblr page.
Wyck also confirmed they will be in Amsterdam by early next week.
Director Josh gave John this shirt as a present. It was the words he described John's cameo.
TFiOS director Josh Boone described my acting performances thusly. Now immortalized in t-shirt form thanks to the producers.
Penguin Australia also provided the cast and crew with the limited edition TFIOS book.
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Thanks to for sharing these special edition TFIOS hardcovers with the cast and crew.

John celebrated his final day on set.
We have bottled all the stars for you tonight. (featuring @Anselelgort and Dom Perignon)

Sun sets on my last day at the #tfiosmovie.
Ansel shared this picture after a 15-hour day on set. 
15 hour day on set. So so tired. Can you tell? Second to last day


We are going to miss their bromance.
Then filming wrapped for good in Pittsburgh.

Frank shared this picture of everyone celebrating (by eating) the wrap of filming.
That's a wrap!


Travel day to Amsterdam.

Chief rocka jammin! On the way to Amsterdam!!!

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