Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TFIOS is in post-production

The Fault in Our Stars movie is currently being edited by Robb Sullivan and a team of editors. One of the editors shared this picture of the editorial "bible." We love that everyone that is a part of this movie has a great sense of humor.
: Dear @johngreenwritesbooks I hope you dont mind that we are changing the name of your book for the movie version. Sincerely, Greg from Editorial
John made us miss updates from set when he posted these pictures of Ansel and Shailene.
Memories: Ansel Elgort said he was taking a picture of Shailene and me but flipped the phone cam to selfie mode
And the picture he eventually took of Shai and me… #tfiosmovie
 John also shared a TFIOS Q&A for Vlogbrothers Question Tuesday.

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