Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pictures and video from Filming in Amsterdam

We debated long about whether or not to post these pictures. 

On the one hand we're a site that wants to keep you updated about the movie and the filming process. On the other hand most of these pictures are paparazzi pics (and we are not happy about that). It's a difficult situation. We don't want to disrespect or be unappreciative of all the hard work the cast and crew is doing (please don't hate us y'all) but we also want to keep you guys updated.

 In the end we decided: They are all over tumblr and twitter anyway so we thought we'd post them here but make a cut under this little disclaimer so anyone who does NOT want to look at them, doesn't need to.

 If you don't want to spoil yourself or for any other reason decide not to look at them, don't look at this post.



We don't know the source of these ones here (we do NOT own them) but they are paparazzi photos (via)





  1. Where in Amsterdam are they filming next thursday. Cause I live in the Netherlands and I would love to see them shooting.

    1. I can't tell you for sure but I don't think they'll be in Amsterdam till next Thursday, I'm sorry.

    2. From what I've heard they are staying until this thursday, so two more days. Sorry