Thursday, October 17, 2013

TFIOS filming officially wraps

It's funny how fast time flies by when you're enjoying yourself.

For the last eight weeks, we have been closely following the filming of TFIOS movie. We are thankful that John, Ansel and other members of the cast and crew shared bits and pieces of information from set, whether it was a tweet about a joke or a picture of Shailene's yerba mate tea.

As a fansite we like to communicate with other fans and we have seen fans grow to love this project so much. In the beginning, we read a lot of complaints about casting, about filming location and more. But as filming wrapped, everyone that complained has now fallen in love again and have a renewed sense of excitement for the film. And we believe it had to do with the fact that John and others showed the love and excitement everyone that worked on this project has. We can assure you, 100 percent, everyone that worked/works in TFIOS, really cares deeply for this book.

In these eight weeks we have fallen in love with EVERY single person working on this project; from Frank, the transportation captain, to Emily Peachey, who plays Monica, to Ben Richardson, cinematographer and "lord of light," to Ansel Elgort, who plays the Augustus Waters dude, to the awesome Josh Boone, director.

So as fans, we thank you.

What happens now?


Now Josh Boone will work with editor Robb Sullivan and his team to put together the whole movie. Many rough cuts of the movie will be made before the final film is done and ready for release.

In post, there will be the addition of visual and sound effects, sound mixing, creation of soundtrack and score, color correction/grading and more.
We wish them lots of luck!

We will still be keeping you informed on any news.

Now we wait until June 6, 2014.

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