Saturday, October 5, 2013

New vlogbrothers video: Ansel and Mike Birbiglia are interviewed

This week on John's vlogbrother vlog (which had been delayed due to the U.S government shutdown), he interviewed Ansel and talked about his favorite scene so far in the movie (he can't spoil it but HINT: gas station). They also discussed their ship name, Johnsel, which they both ship. Ansel also told the best story of how he found out he got the part of Augustus Waters. Points go out to Shailene for giving him a Dutch cheese sandwich and for Josh telling him he's going to Amsterdam.

John also talked to Mike Birbiglia, who will play testicle-less Patrick in TFIOS. They told the story on how he got interested in the movie and how he got the part. Who knew sending a scroll to John could land you a great role in a movie.

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