Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 5 of TFIOS filming: Yerba mate tea, Wyck's bracelet, Dr.Seuss and more

It is now known that Shailene is a big fan of organic foods and tea. Today she shared her tea with John and maybe made him a lover of yerba mate tea.

Ben Richardson also shared a picture on his Instagram of Pittsburgh's sunrise

John also shared a picture of producer Wyck Godfrey proudly sporting his Esther Earl bracelet.

Check out the TSWGO Foundation's website and get the bracelet there or at DFTBA!

John and Shailene (and 8-year-old) bond over Dr. Seuss

Video was filmed by Laura Dern, who plays Hazel's mom, Frannie.

John and 8-year-old Instagram Video girl continue bonding and record a nice (and funny) video of John doing jumping jacks and reading.

Also today marks the end of the first week of filming and screenwriter Michael shared this picture in honor of that milestone.

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