Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 2 of Filming: tears, the comeback of the chair and Shailene

Today John tweeted about crying with Shailene and Laura and that kind of made us cry.

Then he posted this and made us smile

He posted a picture of the front of his chair and it got us really excited. Again.

John also gets schooled on Instagram Video on TFIOS set by an eight year old. The future is now.

And a nerdfighter (@chromanobility) posted a picture of herself with John and of our Hazel!

 Josh Boone also shared a picture of the iPad case he (and John) got from Fox2000 as a gift in celebration of filming

John also shared a picture of him and production designer, Molly. 

Him and transportation captain, Frank (who said the book made him cry like a baby)!

Dormont-Brookline Patch shared a pictures of the TFIOS set
Photo credit: Barbara Bruni


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