Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shailene cuts her hair for Hazel Grace and donates it

It all started with a teasing picture from Director Josh Boone:

then another one:
Looooooong hair.

Shailene also shared picture of the scissors that would do the chopping:
...and so it begins...
then SHE DID IT! And John Green provided proof via Tumblr:
.'s !!! 
Shailene also provided proof by showing us a picture of three cut ponytails:
hair nubbins
Josh witnessed it:
Oh, shit!

Producer Wyck Godfrey witnessed the moment too and tweeted about it:

Finally, Shailene tweeted a (sorta) picture of the final result:
work in progress... but luckily, !!! :))

All of Shailene's hair will go to Children With Hair Loss, a non-profit organization that provides wigs to children with medically-related hair loss. Many nerdfighters have already donated to CWHL and posted pictures on Twitter and Tumblr under the hashtag #HairForHazel and #ItGrowsBack. What an amazing cause. We can't wait to see a clear picture of "Hazel Grace's" hair.

Thank you to Josh, Shailene and John for providing pictures of the hair chopping journey.

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