Thursday, August 29, 2013

John Green talks TFIOS in interview with Zulkey

Please note: The interview is from before the start of filming!

Zulkey talked to John about the MTV Movie Awards, his homestate Alabama and TFIOS movie.

You said, "The girl behind The Devil Wears Prada is going to find out exactly what the devil wears when her time comes." But the joke's on you, John, because she came out with a sequel to the book. The question is, did you enjoy the movie, The Devil Wears Prada? And what's the most current update, large or small, on theFault In Our Stars movie?
I did like the movie! Why was I such a jerk to that woman? Why was I always so snarky about everyone? I wish her well with the sequel, and I will probably read it.
As for the TFiOS movie, it is supposed to start filming August 26th, so I guess it is really going to happen? I try not to get ahead of myself, and things could always fall apart, but at this point it looks very likely that they're at least going to film a movie, which is really exciting. I like all the people involved in the movie a lot, and they all seem to care very deeply about the book. It's been a wondrously positive experience, which is not something I can say about every time one of my books has attracted interest from Hollywood people.

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