Friday, June 6, 2014

John and Nat with Nashville Scene

During the Demand Our Stars promo tour stop in Nashville, John and Nat sat down with the Nashville Scene to chat all things TFIOS, Nerdfighteria, and more.

Here are the highlights:

John on Nerdfighteria expanding:
Hank and I’s focus right now is on making sure that we find ways to keep the community strong so we can continue to do the projects that interest us — to talk with them about stuff that interests us, instead of feeling like we’re talking to someone. Being able to still feel like it’s a conversation — and still have it be a conversation.

Nat on what he gets from being a musician versus acting:
I guess I get to work with my brother, which I love. And then when I’m acting, I’ve got to wait for a job, which is the annoying part...I love being good at them, but it’s not that it’s something I have the most fun doing. It takes a lot of stress out of me, and a lot of anxiety and hard work and stuff, but by the end it’s the most satisfying when I’m good — and most painful when I’m not good (laughs).

John on Caitlyn's absence in the adaptation:
No, because she was never a very important character in the book, to be honest with you (laughs). The reason that she existed in the book was so that we could see Hazel’s social isolation — but you can see that in Shai’s eyes. You don’t need it. She’s a good enough actress that it’s there. You just see it in the way the movie’s shot.

John on the ending of TFIOS:
I wanted it to be a hopeful ending. In the book, the last thing she says is, “I do,” the thing that you say when you’re getting married; in the movie, she’s wearing a white dress at the end of the movie. I also wanted her to be alive. I wanted her to be with us. And I wanted the book to end right there while she was with us.

On what makes Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber work as TFIOS's screenwriters:
JG: They get the voice of it; they get the tone of it.

NW: They’re romantics, but they’re not sentimental.

Be sure to read the rest of the fantastic interview here!

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