Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nat and Alex release new song inspired by TFIOS

Nat and Alex Wolff are releasing new music and they revealed to MTV that one of their new single's was inspired by TFIOS.

“I had the idea of coming to the end of something early,” he told MTV News. “You know, coming to the end of life but living, even if it makes it sadder to know that it’s over so early. I can’t pinpoint what exactly what it was about it, what gets me inspired by the book, but something about it inspired me.”

The result was “Last Station,” a clear-as-a-bell lost love song that Nat says is about “a combination of girls I went to high school with and grew up with.” With a mournful, singalong of a chorus — “Follow your train to its last station/ follow, follow, follow” — and a collection of verses like faded photos, this soft, folky song easily fits into the “Fault” universe.
"Last Station" and their other new single "Ride," which Alex wrote about falling in love, are available for pre-order on iTunes and will be available for download tomorrow.

Listen to the songs here.

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