Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TFIOS at BookCon: Video

We managed to snag great seats at the TFIOS BookCon panel and catch it on video for you all. Below is each question singled in its own video in a playlist. Listed are descriptions of what you'll be watching.

It was an amazing panel, so be sure to check out the whole panel in the playlist below!


1: Producer Wyck Godfrey on why he thought TFIOS would make a successful movie.
2: One of the screenwriters, Michael Weber, on adapting John Green's book.
3: One of the screenwriters, Scott Neustadter, on the adaption process and keeping in contact with John.
4: Nat talks about how he became Isaac (with a hysterical Josh Boone impression to supplement).
5: Josh Boone on the process of becoming director and truncated film clips. Additionally, Wyck on how Josh is a great fit.
6: Producer Wyck Godfrey, screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, John Green, and director Josh Boone discuss Shailene Woodley's casting as Hazel Grace Lancaster.
7: Nat Wolff on making John Green's heightened language and world work on screen.
8: John Green talks about his role as 'Girl's father' and the hairdresser's comments on hair hygiene.
9: John Green on his incessant tears on set and what it was like watching filming.
10: Director Josh Boone on the reception of the film and pleasing fans of the book.
11: Director Josh Boone discusses the scenes he was most worried about shooting.
12: John Green discussing the guts it took FOX to adapt TFIOS faithfully.
13: The panel discusses their favorite scenes.
14: John Green, Josh Boone, and Wyck Godfrey on what movie they think all English majors should watch.
15: John Green answers the fan question of the labyrinth link between Looking for Alaska and TFIOS.
16: John Green talks (around) his new project potential.
17: Fan question about the love scene answered by John Green and Josh Boone. You won't want to miss John's reaction to this!
18: John Green answers the fan question of what authors inspired him along the way.
19: John Green answers fan question about good friend and important Nerdfighter, Esther Earl.
20: John Green answering a fan question about how his ideas develop into full-length books.
21: John Green answers fan question about future works. (Stick around for the Sherlock/Doctor Who fanfic answer.)
22: John Green answers fan question about how he feels towards fanfiction about the film.
23: Panel answers fan question about who they would cosplay as at a convention.

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