Monday, June 2, 2014

Parade Magazine chats with Shailene

Shailene continues her interview with Parade Magazine.

Did making this movie change how you think about illness?
You learn that cancer doesn’t define a person—it’s just something one has. It taught me a lot about celebrating life and not fearing death.

The film also deals with first love and teenage emotions. Is that all still fresh for you, now that you’re in your twenties? 
I knew that world very well. It was bittersweet when I saw the movie, because it’s probably the last young-adult film I’ll ever do. I’ve moved on from that period in my life, and I wouldn’t be able to bring as much truth to that perspective. I’m a woman now.

You’ve had scoliosis since adolescence. Does it bother you much? 

You work with it. I wore a brace for two years in high school and people were like, “Aren’t you insecure?” I never was. I’d say, “Go ahead, punch me! You’ll break your knuckles.”

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