Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shailene covers Vanity Fair

Shailene covers the July issue of Vanity Fair. 

Credits to Miguel Reveriego, Vanity Fair

Here are the highlights:

Shai on George Clooney:
He has been an angel in my life for many reasons. He knew everyone’s name on set. He treated everyone as an equal and everyone got his warmth.

Shai on being herself:
As much as this industry is a platform for talking about big issues, there’s also so many fuckin’ issues. You could talk about Russia, or Argentina, or fracking, or G.M.O.’s. Maybe the only thing that I’m supposed to do is just show up and be me in every moment. Because I do feel like one of my gifts is to be open and lovely—simple things like smiling at strangers and having kind, small interactions. I think that is what’s going to ultimately shift things.

Shai on Miles Teller:
I look at Miles and, like, I’m sort of Julia Roberts in the same way she is to George. Their relationship I could see being our relationship in 20 years, and that really is special.

Thanks to Shailene Woodley Brazil for the scans!


Be sure to check out more of the article at the source and pick up the magazine in stores and online June 12th!

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