Monday, June 2, 2014

NY Post: How TFIOS has Spawned a new Phenomenon

New York Post writer Gregory E. Miller wrote a piece on TFIOS and why it has become such a phenonemon. The article discusses the "sick lit" genre and why TFIOS (book and movie) does not fall into that trap but rises above it and portrays sickness and sick people truthfully. The piece also looks deeper into John's success.
 “John just speaks to different generations all at once very well, and I think he’s respected the teens in the book,” says Sam Trammell, the “True Blood” star who plays Hazel’s weepy father. “It’s also about love. It’s the first time these people are falling in love. We all remember back to those first crushes, and there’s nothing more powerful than that.”
Check out the whole piece at the source.

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