Saturday, April 12, 2014

IndyStar on TFIOS Tour, Awards, and More

IndyStar's David Lindquist catches us up on John's busy next few months. 

Source: Matt Kryger, The IndyStar

Here are the highlights:

TFIOS at the MTV Movie Awards:
"On Sunday, the MTV Movie Awards will preview an exclusive scene from the film during its pre-show telecast, scheduled for 8:30 p.m."

John confirmed this on his Twitter:

On the TFIOS promo tour:
"But the big news in the world of John Green and "The Fault in Our Stars" is that he, Woodley, Elgort and cast member Nat Wolff will embark on a promotional tour before the film's release on June 6."

The April 25th deadline is coming up quickly! Don't forget to reblog/like (and tell all of your friends to do the same!) your chosen state(s) to raise its chances of John and the cast visiting it on the tour!

To read more of the great article on John, be sure to check it out here at the source.

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