Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shailene Woodley talks about working with John Green and Paper Towns

During Divergent Berlin premiere, Shailene Woodley talked briefly about her next project, The Fault In Our Stars, being another literary adaption. She talked about having John Green on set and working again with Ansel.

"Ansel and I are very close naturally so it was nice to have that sense of comfortability. John Green is so witty and so creative," she said. "He is so amazing and everything he does is incredible."

She also talked about her excitement for John Green's "Paper Town" being adapted to the big screen with Nat Wolff as the lead.

"I think it is the best news ever," she said. "I am like 'I want to be an extra in the background!'"

Check out the entire interview with Flicks and The City (TFIOS mentioned at 00:48)

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