Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shailene talks to Natural Health Magazine

Shailene Woodley is on the cover of Natural Health magazine. 

In the interview she talks about her healthy lifestyle and also about her role as Hazel Grace. She says TFIOS filming was an experience that really shaped her,
 "While filming, I met so many young people who either had someone close to them die of cancer or who had a tumor in their head and were so excited to meet me, then passed away a few weeks later. That experience was the biggest wake-up call I've ever had."
Of the book she says,
"John Green weaves these crazy-beautiful, universal messages into the voices of two real, witty young people. To walk away from a book grieving and celebrating at the same time and realizing it's because you can relate to the things that the characters went through is amazing. Every single quote from that book really spoke to my soul."

Check out the whole interview in which Shailene talks a lot about her healthy lifestyle and the beautiful photoshoot on the scans below.

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Thanks to Shailene Woodley Brazil for the scans!

Below is the lovely photoshoot video courtesy of Natural Health Magazine.

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