Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nat Wolff talks with BuzzSugar about Palo Alo and TFIOS

Buzzsugar talks with Nat Wolff about his latest film Palo Alto and the transition to TFIOS.

Source: Tribeca Film

PS: And then you went on to The Fault in Our Stars after this, which has you inhabiting a completely different character. What was it like to make that transition?
NW: I liked it. After Palo Alto, I had gotten so deep into that character, I said, "I just want to play someone who's f*cking nice. I don't want to play f*cking assholes." I had so much fun with all the people on Palo Alto, but staying in that character all the time, it was exhausting. But Fault in Our Stars turned out to be its own level of fun but also exhausting, too, because it was a hard character, balancing the comedy and the truth. I realize now that nothing is easy. If you want to do anything well, it's going to be hard.

PS: Are you excited for The Fault in Our Stars to come out?
NW: Yeah, I'm excited. It's gotten so much attention, which I love. And the idea that I'm in two good movies about young people, I just feel really lucky. In fact, there are so many bad movies about young people, so it's nice to be in a good one. I can't get a cooler indie movie than Gia Coppola's first picture with James Franco, and then Fault in Our Stars is like the biggest movie in the world where there's no car chase. So I feel superlucky.

PS: They're both teen movies — did you notice any similarities between the two of them?
NW: Not too many similarities. Except that there are really good actors in both of them. The one being me! [Laughs.] "There's one really good actor in both of them, a really hot, really sexy guy!" No, they're truthful, well-acted movies with young directors who I am close friends with. They're two of my favorite experiences. I really feel like these are the movies that people are seeing of movies that I've done. And that makes me really happy.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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