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TFIOS is on the cover of EW

The Fault in our Stars is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

Behind the scenes video

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Entertainment Weekly's Sara Vilkomerson visited The Fault In Our Stars set in Pittsburgh  back in September. She interviewed the cast and crew and was able to see movie making magic. EW also revealed some new stills.

Here are some highlights:

John Green cries a lot: 
 “John Green cries all the time,” says director Josh Boone, laughing. “This set basically has no testosterone whatsoever.”

Amsterdam dinner scene was filmed and everyone was in awe: 
"In a separate room, Green and executive producer Isaac Klausner watch the monitor as the camera rolls and Gus, dapper in a dark suit, enters the room and sees Hazel. He stops, dumbstruck, before finally telling her she’s beautiful. Take after take, Woodley flushes on cue and the air between the two actors practically hums. When the scene ends, Green takes off his wire-rim glasses and dabs his eyes. “It’s that blue dress,” he says. Klausner pats him on the shoulder."

John Green never thought TFIOS would be successful: 
“The challenge is, How do you be hopeful without being full of s—?” Green says. “I tried to write the funniest, most honest love story I could about these kids who were living with a difficult disease. I never thought it would be popular.” 

The cast and crew really cared about the story and the movie:
 We need to talk about the vomit,” someone says. The filmmakers and crew huddle up as a production assistant pours three different puddles of fake puke on the floor. The options range from putrid green to chunky brown. Giggles, jokes, and comparisons — “That one’s like newborn diaper poo!” — are tossed about. Then the on-set medic explains that one option has coffee grounds in it to mimic the look of blood mixed with bile, and the room goes quiet. Boone clears his throat and points to the one he likes (the middle, mud-colored one), and everyone goes back to setting up the next shot. “There’s a lot of that on this set,” Green says. “Everybody really likes each other and it’s fun. But then there are those times when it’s really quite sober.” 

Josh Boone really cares about this book and movie, which made him a great director:
 "Like many people on the production, Josh Boone, 35, has a personal connection to the material — one of his best friends died of lung cancer a month before he began shooting his first film, 2013′s Stuck in Love. “This book got me through a rough patch,” he says. Boone is tall and skinny, and he looks much younger than his age. He also seems preternaturally relaxed considering it’s only his second movie, and his first studio project. “I don’t really get stressed,” he says, grinning. “I’m pretty Zen.”

John pretty much approves of everything in this movie: 
 John Green is relaxing on a couch on set when Elgort strides by wearing his Amsterdam-date suit. “My God, buddy,” Green says. “If I had known how great you’d look in that suit, I’d have written more of them into this book.” Elgort smiles and strikes a pose. The author has become a living litmus test for the cast and crew, the man whom they seek out for answers and validation. “Having John’s approval, more than anyone else, has been the biggest honor,” Woodley says. “He’s quickly become one of my top five favorite human beings.”

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              Make sure to check out the scans (CUTENESS alert):


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              From EW's online site

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