Monday, April 14, 2014

MTVMA's Interviews

At the MTVMA's yesterday, Shailene and Ansel, besides introducing a new TFIOS clip, naturally talked to some reporters about TFIOS.

EW talked to Shailene about the physical part of her role as Hazel and how much she loves movie:
“I didn’t have to change much in terms of eating or exercise or anything to do Divergent,” Woodley said. “I had to do much more in terms of physical transformation for Hazel in Fault In Our Stars. Especially going from Tris with strong muscles and long hair to Hazel, who is sick and weak and in a very hard and sad situation. …The messages are so important in Fault. I can’t wait for people to see it. I feel so honored to be a small part of that movie. I know that sounds cliché, but it is true. The demographic is unlimited. It has the potential to reach so many people.”

The Wrap talked to John and Nat about the movie and its humor. Nat calls Isaac "the hardest part he's ever done" because of the mix of comedy and dark parts. He also says that the movie is just a great love story and "more honest about teenagers and young people than the majority of movies about young people."

They also joke about John being obsessed with Shailene's and Ansel's kiss and talk about Paper Towns really shortly.

Shine On Media interviewed the cast of TFIOS on the red carpet


Variety talked with Shai, Ansel, Nat, and John:

“That’s the thing about the story — it’s a cancer book, a cancer movie, that’s not about cancer,” Woodley told Variety. “It’s about love and it's about universal messages. It’s a celebration of life. With characters like that you have to be really authentic and real, and I wanted to bring a sense of authenticity and truth to them,” said Woodley.
Nat Wolff was so dedicated to playing his blind character Isaac that he filmed his parts with either contacts or black tape over his glasses that prevented him from seeing. “I almost brushed my teeth with Tiger Balm,” said Wolff. “Goes to show you don’t leave Tiger Balm out if you’re blind.” On a serious note, Wolff added, “It’s probably the hardest part I’ve ever played because it was balancing the comedy of my character and also the reality of it — which is going blind and getting dumped.”

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