Friday, May 9, 2014

Demand our Stars: Rockin' out in Nashville

Photo by David Arnold
Shailene, Ansel, Nat and John arrived to the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, the second to last stop in this Demand Our Stars tour, on Thursday evening. In order to attend the event, fans had to request complimentary tickets due to limited space in auditorium. However, that did not stop fans without tickets to line up by the press line to see the cast and John. Nashville nerdfighters were in for a treat when Nat and his brother Alex Wolff performed on stage before the Q&A. Fans watched the 10 minute clip of the movie and then went wild when the hosts of the Q&A brought out the TFIOS crew one by one. During the Q&A it was a huge love fest as everyone on stage complimented each other, according to Popsugar. One of the biggest highlights of the night was Ansel showing his dance moves.  John also talked a bit about his personal inspirations saying, 
"The biggest writer that I admired when I was in high school was Kurt Vonnegut," Green said. "Even though in real life, Kurt Vonnegut didn't have it figured out at all, and he was a screwed-up guy who had a very difficult life, I felt like he had it figured out. I felt like he understood something about me and about being a person. It helped me to feel more real. "The hardest part about being a person to me is that you all are stuck inside your bodies. You can only see the world from your eyes, and I can only see the world from mine. It's really difficult to imagine what it's like to be someone else, because you never get to be anyone else. Vonnegut, and some other writers, like Toni Morrison, helped me to see that other people were real, and they helped me see that I was real." (via IndyStar)

Check out video and photos of the event below.

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Shailene and @johngreenwritesbooks trying to watch @natandalex perform from backstage! #tfiostour #tfiostn

Surprise performance in Nashville by @natandalex! #tfiostn #tfiostour

New song from @natandalex! #tfiostn #tfiostour

The Fab Four tonight in Nashville! #tfiostn #tfiostour

What is @anselelgort's hidden talent? These moves! #tfiostour #tfiostn

Ok ok, another video of @anselelgort dancing! #tfiostour #tfiostn

Shai @johngreenwritesbooks @anselelgort and @natandalex signing and meeting fans backstage #tfiostour #tfiostn

Check out John's reaction to Ansel's smooth dance moves!

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Full Video of Ansel Shaking His Groove Thang

Local news coverage

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