Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shailene, Ansel, and John talk TFIOS and Brazil with Capricho

Shailene and Ansel are on the cover of the Brasilian magazine "Capricho." The magazine features interviews with Shailene, John and Ansel.

Shailene talked about being proud of the film and this story being more about life than death. Shailene considers herself a romantic. She also talked about what she loves from Hazel and Gus.

"(Hazel) wants to live in small moments. She is very mature, knows nothing is immortal," Shailene said. "Before anything, no one in the world is like Augustus Waters (she laughs). He is so unique, so authentic."

She also mentions how she adapted quickly to her short hair after she cut it all off for the movie and how she enjoyed not having to use a lot of makeup and wear sweatshirts in the film. 

John talked to the magazine about his fame in Brazil, how crazy it is to have the TFIOS movie, and getting teens to read books.

"I am very thankful when teens tell me that they read my stories. It means a lot to me," John said.

John also talked about being able to write stories about teens saying that the problems teens face aren't that different from adult problems. He also expressed his love for Shailene as Hazel and Ansel as Gus and said he was very happy with this movie.

The interviewer started off Ansel's interview by asking him not to smile throughout the interview because it enchanted her and she lost concentration. He talked about Brasilian fans being very passionate, TFIOS being a very special story, and how amazing it was to play Augustus Waters. He also talked about the emotional car scene and how hard it was for him as an actor.

"(car scene) was so hard. I haven't been that emotional since I was 4 years old," Ansel said. "Did you know that during that scene I could not stop crying? I love that scene. It is very raw and real. You don't see a lot of that in films."

Ansel also talks about the similarities he shares with Gus like wanting to leave a mark in the world and being a romantic. He also talks about being normal even though he is an actor and what he does in his spare time. When interviewer asked him if he is afraid of oblivion he responded:
"Oblivion is inevitable."

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