Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chris Van Vliet talks to the cast & John Green in Cleveland

Chris Van Vliet from CBS-19 co-hosted the Demand Our Stars tour stop in Cleveland and did two pretty awesome interviews with the cast, check them out below!

Shailene & Ansel
They talk about their tour stop in Cleveland and what they have taken away from the book. For both, it's how the book celebrates life. Ansel also mentions how the relationship between Gus and Hazel wouldn't be as powerful if Shai and he hadn't met on Divergent. Ansel describes Shai as a herbalist who enjoys cooking with not-normal ingredients and has a fetish for nice feet. Ansel is an amazing miniature painter, a great singer, an amazing DJ who has a fetish for round soft cheek. They also talk about Ansel's cologne ("all natural") and Shai says he has a good smelling odeour, he's lucky that he doesn't smell bad. Eventually they mention how John was everyone's comforter, how he was the director of this world while Josh was the director of the movie.

John & Nat
John feels really lucky how the movie turned out, after being hesitant about selling the movie rights. Nat talks about bringing the book to Josh Boone's attention and how lucky he feels to be a part of the movie. John also talks about getting loads of fanmail, and how a book doesn't feel real to him until it's read. Nat says that Paul McCartney would be his meeting Van Houten experience, John would love to meet Toni Morrison. John's unusual hobby is being a fan of Liverpool football club. Nat says that he has a foot fetish (like Shai) and that he's obsessed with The Beatles. John likes seeing people being so excited for the movie and that the movie is a very truthful adaptation. Nat also mentions the excitement and how John is the fans' hero. They also talking about crying at the movie and how John cried while writing the book. He talks about the first ending of the book, how Hazel and Van Houten wanted to honour Gus by dying in a sacrificial way that reflects who he was. So they decide to go to a druglord, however, Hazel and Van Houten both die in a hail of bullets from the security.

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