Sunday, May 11, 2014

North Texas Daily talks to Shailene, Nat & John

NTDaily talks to John, Nat & Shai about what someone would cut out of their lives if they made a movie out of it. John says that the real stuff of being a person is in all the non-cinematic moments like sitting around watching movies. Shai doesn't want anything to be cut because she learned the most from the sucky parts. When asked about which role, Tris or Hazel, was harder to dive into, Shai says that it's almost impossible to compare them but she wishes that she had more time lose muscle after shooting Divergent. They also mention how good movies show real life relationship and that in TFIOS, a lot of credit for the real life relationship goes to the director Josh Boone, the script (as it's not sentimental according to John) and most of all, to Ansel and Shai and their openness with each other. Shai talks about how she falls "in love the way you fall asleep" on a daily basis and John agrees that the small things reveal the infinity of what's inside them.
Eventually, they talk about which scene they wish would happen to them in real life whereupon Shai says that she loves the scene in Aladdin when he flows up on magic carpet and that one day, she wants to be taken on a date and see an opera like in "Pretty Woman". For John, it would be the Amsterdam part in TFIOS, he thinks it's important to go somewhere new with someone you love and experience it all together.

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