Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shailene & Ansel talk to HitFix and AwesomenessTV

Awesomeness TV
They talk about the fact that they got to work together on Divergent and how it brought a certain comfortability to working together on TFIOS. When asked about playing siblings and lovers, Shai said that they're professional chameleons. She also mentions Hazel as her role model as she understands that life is not about ourselves, instead, being humble and being present in every moment leads to a meaningful life. 

They talk about how they both cared (and still do) a lot about the book. Also, having John on set was very supportive and helpful. They say that seeing the fans like the movie is very comforting. Ansel also talks about Augustus' dialogues and how there are two aspects in the movie: They wanted to stay truthful and do justice to the dialogue.

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