Friday, May 9, 2014

Mix 92.2 talk to the cast & John in Nashville

On Friday, the cast and John were on Mix 92.2's Mix Morning Show and talked about TFIOS.

Watch the them do a fun Q&A in the video below:

Nat beatboxes on the show for the 3rd time in his life, and for the second time within 24 hours! John gets asked, how he decides who to kill when writing a book. John gets asked why the only scene starring himself got cut from the movie. He says that he wasn't very good and that the scene needed to be cut as it didn't fit into the structure of the final movie. When Shai gets asked why she was so determined to play the part of Hazel, she says, that the book can change people's life. She also mentions that it is necessary to have some hope which this movie definitely brings along as it celebrates life. She basically just wanted to be in support of the movie being made. Ansel says that he hoped that the movie was going to be big but that he could never visualise those number (thousands of people coming to the tour, most liked trailer on youtube).

You can listen to the entire interview here!

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